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Which cscope library is best?    I've been using xcscope but am curious about the others.
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Kat V might know :3
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Alison Chaiken

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Stewart Brand is the greatest living visionary

Stewart Brand, the man who got NASA to release the original photos of the Earth from space, who founded the Whole Earth Catalog and pioneering digital community The Well, appears again with another inspiring initiative.    Brand argues convincingly that using cloning and whole-genomic replacement in zygotes can revive species that have gone extinct in historic time.   Furthermore he makes the case that doing so is important, and that we can make the future Earth's environment better than the one we have now.    He even explains how, in the future, the technology may enable a gay couple to produce a child who is the genetic progeny of both of them.
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Alison Chaiken

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Social Justice and Alumni Giving

Did you, like me, graduate from elite, famous educational institutions of higher learning?   DO NOT give them a donation.

Why: they don't need the money.   For sure such institutions dole out financial aid, but consider the impoverished but worthy school in your locality.       Where would your $CURRENCY have the greatest impact?    Isn't the point of your donation to help struggling students?

My donation recipient for the last 5 years: University of California at Merced

My actual educational institutions: fabulously wealthy ones
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Alison Chaiken

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Saigon, 1975: Baghad 2014

The last American helicopter takes off from the roof of the US embassy in Baghad, with Iraqi loyalists to US hanging from the skids . . .  
Won't be long now, I fear.
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"Spring Campaign" or "1975 Spring Offensive" was the offensive started around late 1974 early 1975. Apparently, it was a test to see if the US Congress would provide aid as well as air support as it did in 1968 or 1972.
As for the troops, the U.S. had troops in Vietnam till morning of April 30, 1975.
Do American public have the stomach to support boots on ground or drones/B-52 in the air another matter. I doubt that though.
After all of these years the war was fought in American way and we now expect the army that was trained to fight American way to hold it? It's a weird expectation.
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Alison Chaiken

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"Thanks to Plus, Google knows about people’s friendships on Gmail, the places they go on maps and how they spend their time on the more than two million websites in Google’s ad network."
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+Carlos Sanchez that probably explains why I'm still on FB. I'm a mentally abusive narcissist. And no offense taken. I'm proud of it ;-)
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Alison Chaiken

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The Secret Leader of the "Free the Cars" Movement Speaks!

Okay, the secret was poorly kept.
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And likely makes a fool of himself.
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A week ago I commented to +Myriam Joire that I wished I could control a helmet-cam with Pebble for sports.   Within days, the GoPro app for Pebble was announced.   Thanks, +Myriam Joire for great customer service ;-)
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There's already a GoPro app for Pebble, just not the official one, but it works great.
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Save by the Pebble

Scene, 11am: stressful work presentation is just finished, brain is liquefied.   I know: rollerblading!    11:15 by the time I roll, so no prob, skate until 12:15, take shower, go to biz lunch at 1pm.   Phone is in back pocket, Pebble is on wrist.

12:05: Receive text on Pebble screen from Very Important Business Guest: "I am at restaurant."   Uh-oh!

Call Guest: "Wasn't lunch at 1 PM?   I am on rollerblades far from restaurant."

Upshot: guest comes in car, picks mu up, we have Power Lunch after all.

Thanks, Pebble!
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Presented by Chris Hallinan, author of the incredibly useful Embedded Linux Primer.

Claimer: I work for Mentor.    I joined partly because I was already so impressed by Chris' book, which rarely leaves my desk.    (Right now it's actually on my kitchen table.)
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The recording for Linux Fast boot webinar from +Christopher Hallinan  is now available. We're also investigating hosting it again at a time convenient for people in Europe so that may give another opportunity for those of you that couldn't sit in during the AMM.
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