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Introducing Japanese culture
Introducing Japanese culture


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/ The Patience Paved Their Road To Light /

Yesterday, at Stockholm,Sweden,
the award ceremony of ”Nobel Prize in Physics” finished.

From Japan,
Professor "Akasaka","Amano" and "Nakamura" participted as novel prize winner in physics praising their great achievement to develop and discover "Blue Light-Emitting Diode : Blue LED."

We,as one of the Japanese, have been really really proud of this.
We definitely see the strength of "Patience" by hearing the story behind their achievement.

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/ Walking Through ONSEN Town /
from OMSBI Pinterest

Have you ever been to famous "ONSEN" town such like "KUSATSU" before in Japan??

The town scape is bit old-fashioned, but you could feel and experience beautiful and traditional Japanese town scape like pic.

One thing i that we want you to try is to wear "KIMONO" when you spend your lovely vacation time there!!

Recently, the number of "KIMONO Rental Shop" has been increasing since Japan became more keen on attracting traveler.

Becoming and pretending like Japanese, that attempt makes you get another emotional gift from Japan.

#OMSBI #Japan #Travel #Onsen #Photography #Asia  

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/ The Difference Between Bonsai and Ikebana /

"Bonsai" and "Ikebana", both are Japanese traditional art
and basically classified into "Flower Arrangement".

We wanna ask you guys that

how many of you all understand difference between them!!

If you wanna know deeper about it to get Japanese geek,

#Japan #Travel #Art #Bonsai #Ikebana #Photography #Culture #Beautiful

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One of Japanese Traditional Food Culture Is
Under the Threat of Extinction??

#Japan #Food #Photography #Eel  
Eel cuisine is a popular variety of Japanese cooking with many different methods of preparation. However, now stocks are falling and the eel-eating tradition is under threat. talked to Roswell Hosoki, a manga artist with a great knowledge of eel cuisine.

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How would you like to eat fish in Japan??

Let's see what type grab your attention !!

#Japan #Travel #Foods #Delicious  
Most people think that #Japanese people only eat #sushi. But there are so many tasty ways to eat all types of fish in #Japan. It's a common misconception, and actually most Japanese people don't eat sushi too often. These are the other ways that fish is prepared in Japan.

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Hi, Deer All who love #Japan

We make our Facebook page available eventually!!

We wanna have as many place to connect all on the planet as possible!!

#Japan #OMSBI #Travel #Photography  

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/ Complicated ?? NOT!! /

Does everyone have parception Japanese big stations such like

Tokyo,Osaka,Nagoya and others?

To be honest, the real is not what
you think at all!!

Japanese OMOTENASHI is spreaded in every single corner of the station,

seeing foreigner getting lost is difficult in Japan,,

Never worry about it,just imagine
what you could experience in Japan!!

#japan #travel #asia #photography #architecture #Osaka

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/ Nature and Architecture
Co-Presented Their Sense of "Art" and "Humor" /

more Japan on

#Japan #Nature #Photograph #Architecture #Design #Art #Breathtaking #Eyeopening #Travel #travelphotography #Tokyo  

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