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Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard
VMPK is a virtual MIDI controller for computers and mobile devices
VMPK is a virtual MIDI controller for computers and mobile devices

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VMPK for Android 1.3 has been released yesterday (available in the Google Play store), and the last week was released VMPK for Desktop computers 0.6.2 (available at Sourceforge).

Happy new year!

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Here is a tutorial for Linux users. Use this procedure to connect VMPK and QSynth on Ubuntu, or download the new VMPK 0.6.1 released today, and you shall feel instant pain relief! :-)

This post is to celebrate the new release, of course. Packages for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX are available at SourceForge:

The precompiled packages include the GeneralUser GS SoundFont by S.Christian Collins ( ready to use with the FluidSynth output driver (also included in these packages, providing beautiful sounds out of the box).

Changes for v0.6.1:
* Fixes for ALSA (Linux) and Windows input drivers,
  (provided by Drumstick 1.0.1 libraries)
* Packaged using the Qt Frameworks 5.5.0
* Fixed ticket #27: save keyboard maps with default xml extension
* Fixed ticket #29: display input event noteon with velocity=0 as noteoff
* Color palette management fixes
* Updated Russian and Serbian translations


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New version 1.2 released today. It will be available soon on Google Play. Changelog:
+Some bugs fixed
+New option allowing to reset all preferences to their initial values.
+Tilt sensor: compatibility with devices having accelerometer only.
+EU Cookie Law compliance (only free version).

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Here is a summary of features for the new VMPK version.

First of all: There has been an architecture change. I've replaced the RtMIDI library with drumstick-rt. This was a long time plan, not only for VMPK, but for Drumstick as well, that finally took place now. I hope that this shall be a foundation for features like recording/playback in the future. The only thing that maybe would be missing for some users is the jack-midi interface, but on the other hand Unix users will enjoy native OSS support, and also FluidSynth direct output on all operating systems, that also means configurable SoundFonts: a very demanded feature for Windows users.

Another long time request finally implemented is the ability of displaying any number of keys,for instance 88 keys, instead of full octaves, starting with any arbitrary note, like configuring 25 or 49 keys (depending on which device, laptop or tablet, and screen size you have). Congratulations to all the requesters and sorry for keeping you waiting for this feature so long.

Finally, the migration to Qt5 has happened. This means also replacing a dependency from X11 lib to XCB, that hopefully will bring future support for wayland. The victim has been the keyboard grabbing  feature, that was only working on Linux thanks to a now lost X11 feature. I hope to bring it back in the future with a multiplatform implementation.

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Release 1.1 has been published. It fixes a bug (crash) notified several times; thanks to all reporters!. The banner has been removed from the main screen, and replaced by an interstitial advertisement, much less intrusive.
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