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Our Kakak Went Back to Indonesia for Holiday
Our darling Indonesian helper requested for a 2 months holiday after working
here for 2 years and 4 months. She promised to return, so I renewed her
2015 permit, prepared her KTKLN documents and bought 2-way flight
tickets. Her initial salary was rm 700....

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First acrylic painting
We were inspired by this book to try some rock painting. This book, by Linda Kranz is filled with beautiful illustrations and artwork of rock fishes. Our poster colour simply won't do, so I got us some acrylic paint. Have you ever painted with acrylic? No? ...

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Dinosaur Phase - Five Year Old
Tiger is absolutely crazy about these ancient creatures. The idea that some of these creatures were as big as building and trees. Wow... They lived on Earth millions of years ago? How much is a million? How do you read this name?  Some of them have tongue t...

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Dinoscovery KL, Avenue K
 I casually showed Tiger a picture of his cousins at Dinoscovery in Avenue K, KL and surprise, surprise....he wanted to go too. In order to be acquainted with at least a few dinos before the trip, we added bits of dinosaur activities that week, Okay, I lied...

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Picky Eater No More
Tiger is spoiled by my MIL. Meals used to take up to 1 hour, at the very least. He runs around and expect my MIL to go after him, lovingly feeding him spoon by spoon. He is five this year. Five. Needless to say, I cannot stand it. I just cannot. His kinderg...

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April 2015: Farm Week
Our 'homeschool' is back in full swing after Tiger has fully adapted to his life as a kindergartener. That means no longer crying. He likes ALL of his teachers. Happy dance He is able to converse in Chinese now. Break dance And most importantly, he has a be...

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Read & Play: The Billy Goats Gruff
Can't see properly? Here, let me help you with that. blows dust off the blog Hehe. It's been a while. This is our second Read & Play,  the first being the Three Little Pigs Any books with animals are the best for my kids at this age. We listened to the Th...

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Study Area Update March 2015
  Some quick updates for March 2015.    Since Hubs stole my "grass" carpet for the living room, I've had no choice but to use this ELC alphabet tiles because the others were too small. Initially they looked haphazardly cheerful, like this. Last night, I rea...

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The Kissy Mom
Today is the day I woke up 30 minutes earlier to drop Tiger off in school. Usually MIL sends him since I'd rather snuggle under the covers for another 5 minutes. I am so not a morning person. Haha. Thank God for my MIL :) As we walked into school together, ...

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Chinese New Year Trays 2015
Happy Chinese New Year 2015! It has been a crazy busy February for us thus far. It's all spring cleaning, purging, painting, shopping and decorating for the past few weeks. For some reason, hubs is totally into CNY this year. He bought cookies, helped in cl...
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