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The Common Cold Reporter
Best international advice for your common cold
Best international advice for your common cold


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intro to weekly hangout The Common Cold Report, best international advice and news on the Common Cold
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Hi Common cold sufferers,
Sorry -- My first trial episode of The Common Cold Report today did not function, apparently not having the correct link between my YouTube and G+ accounts.  I'm investigating now...
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Hello Common Cold sufferers (and those who care for them)!

Please join our weekly Google+Hangout discussion
 "The Common Cold Report" 
Wednesdays, 2-2:30 March 5, 2-2:30 p.m. PST.  

I'll discuss why we need GOOD advice for the Common Cold #commoncold   share highlights of latest international news on the world's most common disease--The Common Cold.

This is my first entry in this new page The Common Cold Reporter, but I've been blogging for 2 years as "Peggy The Doctor's Wife"
 -- so checkout my blog on
and  download the FREE one-page Chart "Peggy's 10 Rules for the Common Cold"

This is the BEST international advice for getting over your common cold faster. My husband, ER physican Dr. Bob Pollard,has been investigating medical research on the common cold since he graduated with honors from UC San Francisco Medical School, (one of the top 5 Med schools in the U.S.) and has  treated thousands of patients in ER & Urgent Care clinics for common colds.

He has seen firsthand the HUGE difference this Warm & Steamy advice makes in his patients, getting over their colds in 1-2 days instead of weeks.

 I have also been interviewing international scholars and collecting their ancient and modern common cold remedies. You will be surprised at what the trends are.

Please join my first test run On Air Hangout, Wednesday, March 5, 2 p.m. PST  and help me through my flubs as I learn how to run G+H-O, I look forward to talking with you to hear YOUR stories, share  good advice, and moral support.  

Chat with you Wednesday 2 p.m. on "The Common Cold Report" on Google Hangouts!

For your Happy, Healthy Life!
Peggy Pollard
The Common Cold Reporter
Peggy the Doctor's Wife
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