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Sitti Soaps is more than just soap.  It's a tradition...

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Know Your Olive
 The olive tree is one of the oldest known cultivated trees
in the world.  Before written
language existed, the olive tree originated in Asia Minor and spread to Iran,
Syria and Palestine onwards throughout the Mediterranean more than 6,000 years
ago.  The ...

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It's All Good
The final product in our Sitti Soap collection. I personally love this bar, because there's no fuss about it.  A natural pale-green hew, rugged shape and texture, throw it in the shower and use it everywhere:  skin, hair, it's all good.  No added scents, ju...

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Under the Olive Branch
It is olive harvest season in Jordan.  Trees are blooming with beautiful onyx and emerald fruit, ripe for the picking.  On some of my journeys through the country this month, I cannot help but feel the magic that is linked to these ancient trees.   Palestin...
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