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Physicists have discovered a jewel-like geometric object -- the amplituhedron -- that dramatically simplifies calculations of particle interactions and challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental components of reality. 
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Save my life. - Share this post. - I need your help. My friends, my followers and everyone else that cares. Sharing this post could save my life. Why? Let me explain...

I am going to be walking from Beijing to London and the more people that know about my journey, the safer I will become.

People will expect me, people will know what I am doing. People will invite me into their homes, they will feed me, give me water and hopefully provide me with shelter for the night. They will give me directions, provide me with invaluable local info. They will fight for me, be there for me, provide me with care.

Help me let the world know about what I am doing. Help me stay safe. Alert the mass media. Tell your friends. Tweet about it. Do everything you can to make sure I am expected. Thank you in advance, sharing this post would really mean a lot to me.
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Most Awesome, jaw dropping, amazing mind bending thing I came across today
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Goodbye Microsoft, Hello Facebook!
1. Listen to understand. Speak to be understood.
Good ideas are a dime a dozen. Great ideas are usually laughed at.  Neither sees the light of day without you taking action. Do the work to prove your idea, or stop talking about it.
2. My first year at Microsoft, I had a sleeping bag in my office and worked all the time. On weekends, I still write code to learn new technologies.  I regularly read books about leadership, communication, management, and technology. Equally smart people fare differently in their careers partly based on the amount they’re willing to put in.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.Follow great people.  Work for great people.
3. Do you practice specific skills with repetition and intent?  Athletes do drills. Musicians hone difficult passages. What do you do?

Everything I need to know.Most beautiful & informative article I read today.
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Dean Zimmer - Musical Drummer
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Remember Aaron Swartz

“Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. What people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity.”  Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz - We Can Change The World (10 min interview with
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Just Amazing! 
"Figuring out the value of a modular form as it balloons is comparable to spending a coin in a particular shop and then predicting which town that coin will end up in after a year."

"Guessing the difference between regular and mock modular forms is even more incredible, says Ono, like spending two coins in the same shop and then predicting they will be very close a year later."

Consider the fact that Srinivasa Ramanujan's & G.H. Hardy work is basis for RSA algorithm.
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15 yrs ago I was not me!
About 15 years ago:

* Apple was about to file bankruptcy
* Google didn't exist
* Red Hat was founded
* Windows 3.1 was the most popular OS in the world
* Windows 95 had just been released
* Cell phones were large featureless bricks
* You got on the internet with a 28.8k modem
* There were only about 100,000 websites
* AltaVista was the de facto search engine for the tiny web
* Steve Jobs returned to Apple

We live in very volatile times. When I look at this list, the idea of what might happen over the next 15 years is staggering.
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If some of the war hawks get their way, we might still end up with
"nuclear winter" as a cure for #globalwarming but yes, there will be wonderful things too that will be developed, and we do need to keep our sense of humor. I am getting too cynical. I do love my iPhone and a lot of current tech.
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Remembering Stephen Covey who died today. 
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Software Developer
To thine own self be true. And This too shall pass.
Mostly harmless :)
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