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Luella Ben Aziza
"Individuality is freedom lived" - John Dos Passos
"Individuality is freedom lived" - John Dos Passos

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This session is to collate your views on what the rise of the Internet of Things means for our customers, so Emarsys can leverage your thought leadership in our content, PR and messaging.  

If you would like to join this call (the more the merrier), please make sure you prepare: 

1. By reading this definition of IOT and this blog so we are all on the same page. 
2. By preparing some viewpoints / questions / comments on this before the meeting - we will 'go round the table'

Can't wait to hear what you lot have to say on it! 

One view from Alex T: 
"The biggest opportunity is understanding the customer journey online and offline and making marketing more relevant.

Sending push messages when you're already in a store about discounts doesn't make sense, but learning what areas of the store you visit and the types of section you dwell on is really powerful, but really granular.

Bigger applications are more simple, if someone visits your store, which other stores do you visit, in which locations? Are you travelling 50 miles to go to Bond Street and interacting via the mobile App and email rather than the website. This I think really helps understand customers and their purchase path.

For a client like American Express loyalty knowing which stores, which brands and which locations you interact with is vital to marketing relevance."

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Sheeee drives meh crayzay. 

This video gets so special at 1:10. 

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Great piece on content culture

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