The healthy vs. ethical vegans are at it again. I love the animals but I'm not going to be convinced that being overweight is healthy.

I'm not a fan of these ads because I think being mean doesn't get the vegan movement anywhere... but I agree that most heavy vegans are usually eating processed foods, especially oils (olive oil and chocolate are not health foods). Yes, many vegans originally decided to change their lifestyle for the animals but what about what they are doing to their own bodies? It's like they are saying, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down. I said I'd help the animals but I didn't include my own person in that promise." Perhaps some have medical conditions, sure, but let's keep it real here, most aren't sticking to Forks Over Knives-type food choices. I think it all comes down to the "ethical" vegans vs. the "healthy" vegans debate... can't we all just get along? The healthy vegans are bringing veganism to places it wasn't being heard before and for that I am grateful. Some folks aren't ready to eschew their leather boots yet, and I think getting people excited about veganism from a losing weight/health perspective isn't necessarily a bad thing. Heck, it's how I got my father-in-law off his diabetes meds and my mom to no longer need her blood pressure pills (and, oh yeah, also drop 45 lbs while she was at it). Neither of them are turning back to meat, but they aren't throwing out all of their wool sweaters either. You know what, though? Now that they see how eating this way makes them feel and look, they are more receptive to hearing how they can incorporate other vegan items, aside from food, into their everyday routines. Losing weight is a fine thing to strive for and for the movement to encourage, imo, but being blatantly cruel as a means to an end is not going to work. The ads show a clear lack of compassion.
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