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Look what came in the mail today! +Brian Hevlin​ you are true gentleman. I look forward very much to playing Castles of Mad King Ludwig. 

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I got Above and Below punched and organized. The small plastic containers from the dollar store are almost perfect. 

My daughter loves me lots. She bought me Above and Below for my birthday. Probably because she figured that was the only way she would get to play it. I'm adding it to my growing pile of recently acquired and yet to be played games. Some of these must be played tomorrow!

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Every once in a while we may stumble across a novel from an unknown author that is so original and engaging that we can't help but want everyone to read it. I've had this happen twice in the past few years.
The first is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Funny enough, the novel was actually written for NaNo WriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and is the author's first novel.
The Night Circus is set in Victorian times. It tells the story of a unique circus that is only open from sunset to sunrise. More importantly, it tells the stories of the remarkable people who make up the circus and its followers.
The circus is far more than it seems to outsiders, as it is really the arena for a contest of magics between two of the main characters. What I truly loved about this book was how the magic was simply a part of things. The plot wasn't taken over by dramatic tellings of how things were done. While their feats of magic are beautiful and complex, they serve to enhance the story and deepen it. 

I really love playing Through the Ages online, but it's not something I think my husband would like to play. I think he'd like something like a post apocalyptic or maybe sci-fi twist on nation building. So would I, actually.
Do you know of anything like that? 

Many thanks to my Secret Santa, the Cramer family, for a wonderful gift. Survive: Escape from Atlantis looks like just the thing for family time over the holidays. My fifteen year old son is already opening it up to see the goodies inside.

Nice evening for gaming with the family. We played a few hands of Coup (the only game the kiddo wanted to play.) Then Roll for the Galaxy with the Ambition expansion, and finally Ashes Rise of the Phoenixborn.
The new expansion for Roll adds just a few new dice and cards, as well as objectives you can compete for. Just enough substance to add to play value without complicating things. 

It was an evening for quick card games. The husband, the youngin, and I played three rounds of Coup and two of Sushi Go. Much fun in tiny boxes.
The youngin will do better when she learns how to lie while playing. (She lies just fine when she shouldn't. Who ate my chocolate?) 

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We wanted to break out our new game Ashes Rise of the Phoenixborn, but the little one wanted to play. So maybe tomorrow. Today, two hilarious games of King of New York.

I made a pot of coffee this morning and promptly forgot to drink it because I was heavy into a fire fight against +Neil Robinson​. Well fought, sir. Good training for the upcoming fourth round.
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