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Hey pups With competition season upon us, I am reposting my 10 tips to competitors.  I hope to see many of you at IPC this year. WOOF AXEL’S 10 TIPS FOR
a cutthroat competitive instinct?   Leave
it at home. Let’s face it...

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To Use or Not to Use
Outsiders have often considered leather and kinksex events
to be havens of drugs and alcohol.   In my
travels, I have found there to be as many attitudes towards recreational
substances among leather folk as there are in mainstream society.   While alcohol ...

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Here's an interview with IPC 2016.  Enjoy!  WOOF

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Room at the Food Bowl: An Interview with Pup Incus
I first met Pup Incus when she was (poof!) a Pony at Midwest Leather 2013.  Since then, Incus as broken down barriers as International Puppy 2016.  Where the leather community is debating inclusion and identity, we pups, while mostly gay men, have opened th...

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Another example, this time from my friend Pup Luvyvr, that is stronger than corporations-know-best policies, greed, and intolerance begat of ignorance. GRRRRRRUFF

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I need a caption!  WOOF (WIPE) WOOF

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My new little brother, IPC 2015 Figaro.  Watch him grow this year.   Just watch.

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8. Go-Go-Figaro! An Interview with International Puppy 2015
In August 2013 first Northwest Puppy Competition, held in Seattle, where Pup Figaro was chosen ti begin his transition from local organizer to community titleholder.  The San Francisco native founded Vancouver Pups and Handlers (VAN-PAH) in 2012 as a way to...

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Hey Pups!  Here's the first in my guest columnist series, "Handlers With Care."  Mistress Pixie Fyre writes on "Puppy Awareness," a community commitment to total safety, both in and out of pupspace!  WOOF

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7. Mistress Pixie Fyre: Barking Out! A Call for Puppy Awareness (HWC)
Hey Pups!  This post marks the first in a series of guest contributions to the Diary , appearing occasionally in the coming months.  Every pup and every handler has a story to tell.  In 2013, IPC gave me a chance to articulate my story, both verbally and on...
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