They got me runnin' from the five-oh
duckin and dodgin in my survival
The Benzo and I let off with my nine, hoe
I'm movin swifter than the next nigga, no time for sex
Cause in my mind all I wonder is who's next
Nigga, my homey slipped and now he pays the price
He did a driveby, sixteen, now he's doin triple life
Tell me is it me or my upbringin, I spit that thug shit
Nigga motherfuck singin, I hope you got your Timberlands
on tight, cause I ain't givin up
I'd rather duck these motherfuckers all night
I'm runnin' through the projects, beyotch
They'll never catch me
Cause I'm loc'd and trigger happy on the, sneotch
Don't say you never heard of me, til they murder me, I'm a legend
Do Thug Niggas go to heaven?
I'm rollin with the thorough heads
We gettin ghost on them hoes and yo
I got no love for the five-oh I'm runnin' from the police

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