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Michael N

I've published 0.04a which is the final look n feel our the game. I'll keep the app in alpha until I work out all findable bugs.

Memory games have never been my favorite, but this project has all the basic fundamentals required for future projects. This is step one in my quest to develop games. I'm more of a strategy/simulation person myself.

I strive for quality, so I'm interested in making TenacitY one of the more interesting memory games available.

All suggestions and feedback are welcome and may often carry more weight than my own ideas. So, please feel free to speak up.

Thanks for joining the community.

The purpose of the Alpha releases is to hash out the design based on feedback from everyone in the Alpha.  So, share whatever suggestions you guys have in here.

As it is now:

- graphics need replaced.
- menu system needs incorporated.
- google game play SDK needs plugged in

I think the 3, 2, 1 GO count down is too slow, or completely stupid.

I plan to hook in the Google Play Game Services to keep track of high scores (Community Leader-boards) and achievements. This will be an early goal.

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