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Josh Peak
CEO of Authority Media Group, a boutique Online Advertising Agency. Mobile Advertising|SEO|Social Media.
CEO of Authority Media Group, a boutique Online Advertising Agency. Mobile Advertising|SEO|Social Media.

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Do you want to know what tools I use to grow my business on a daily basis? #PeakPoints #Entrepreneur

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Big things coming this week on the Josh Peak Show -> 

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I put on a training last week with a group of entrepreneurs, and the question I kept getting was "Is Periscope and Meerkat the next big social media outlet for businesses"?

I sent them to my podcast titled "My Take on Meerkat Vs. Periscope". I think you guys will enjoy this one.  

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Hey guys, I have decided to do a podcast every Monday titled "What's Working For Josh Peak"... it's really gaining a lot of momentum! The podcasts will include strategies, tools, and technologies that are working for my clients and I.

Here is the latest: 

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I will be doing a podcast on the subject of "convenience" next week. The companies scoring big right now are in the "on-demand" industry. Look at Modere, Uber, and Postmates. 

I am working with a few companies that are in this space, and I have to tell you... it's lucrative and fun! I want to give you two nuggets real quick:

1) Modere: A partner with my podcast and company I mentioned above has some really cool things going on right now (discounts, free shipping on purchases over $75, Share the love and get $25, etc) Use the promo code peak when you go to

2) Here is a great article talking about the "on-demand" industry. It's a great place to be in 2015!

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**Podcast** I have a new podcast out titled "Do you have a marketing funnel?"

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, in direct sales or business development, or maybe thinking about starting a business... I know you will appreciate this! 

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Do you think a college degree is worth the price tag?  

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New Podcast I have always used many pillars of marketing in growing my business. If you are an Entrepreneur, Network Marketers, Small Business Owner, etc, then it's a smart move to create a podcast as one of your pillars of marketing. It's been a huge play for me since 2007!  

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I have a new podcast coming out tomorrow titled “Why every entrepreneur should have a podcast”. It will be at

I love it when sitting at Starbucks or any coffee shop, and it never fails that I  overhear the lone macho dude claiming he was a "Golden Gloves Boxer".

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this statement! How many Golden Gloves Boxers do we have in this world? 
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