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Proposal for the Senior Project

 The book I have chosen is "V for Vendetta," written by Alan Moore in March of 1982. All of the given social issues would've applied to my chosen text, but I've decided to focus on both "Governmental Responsibility," and "Free Will." The subject that will be the focus of this essay will be as follows; "What are the positive and negatives to having an anarchist government versus a fascist one," and "What place do either of these types of government have in today's society?" 
I hope during my research, I learn to better to understand why different governments choose a fascist government, as well as learning what would be the line, after which a path of anarchism would be socially, or individually acceptable, and whether or not they would put aside their morals in sight of choice between values or death. 
This is a very vital subject, that I hope helps my peers, and I to better understand the different extremes in government, and hopefully, prevent out nation to reaching either. Instead, we can find a solution that incorporates the best of both. This is my hope, both in my research, and in my writing.
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