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Sound the Trumpets – or at least, y'know, blow one of those squeaky party thingies
kicking off the year with a few fun bits of news: The
first bit, is that I’m about to smash champagne bottles over metaphorical bulkheads,
as I help launch two #LoveOzYA books by two (incredibly talented) writer
friends into the universe.  Summer Skin ,...

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#LoveOzYAbookclub – February 2016 book selection
to a brand new year of bookclub! After a slightly, er, hectic start to the
year, we’re back on track with our first title for 2016. This
month’s title was selected by Lili Wilkinson, the author of our Dec/Jan book, Green Valentine – Lili has chosen ...

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#LoveOzYAbookclub – January 2016 Book Discussion Post: Green Valentine (Lili Wilkinson)
So here we are – we’ve reached the moment of truth!  What did you think of Green Valentine ?  I admit to being a little biased with this
book, cos I launched it when it was released…but then I admitted to bias with
our last book too, so I think I should jus...

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#LoveOzYAbookclub – Author Q&A - Lili Wilkinson (Green Valentine)
Hi all, welcome to a brand new year with #LoveOzYAbookclub :)  To
kick things off for 2016, our author for Dec/Jan’s title, Lili Wilkinson , has
graciously agreed to answer some slightly ridiculous questions about herself,
her writing, and Green Valentine ....

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Camping Book List 2015, and happy holidays!
nearly Christmas Day as I’m writing this. 
And I’m not organised, except for camping – we’re leaving on our annual
family camping trip on Boxing Day, which I’m excited about because it means a
nice long time out, and lots of writing done on a camp chai...

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Literary community: the golden thread
I found my literary community online on Twitter. It was 2012, or maybe 2013, I’m not exactly sure – basically
it was such a short while after I’d signed my first publishing contract (with Allen
& Unwin for Every Breath ) that the
ink  of my signature was st...

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#LoveOzYAbookclub: December 2015 book selection
you hear the Christmas sleigh bells tinkling? 
No?  Well, I hope this tinkles in
your ear then – we have our second book for bookclub! This
month’s book has been selected by the authors of last month’s title – as #LoveOzYAbookclub
operates on a domino s...

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EVERY WORD blog tour is over - sads, but thank youse all
Hello!   The North
American blog tour for Every Word is
over – sads.  I hope you had a good time
checking out the various posts about the book, especially the silly one where I talked about chopping wood in thongs .  Before we go any further, I’d like to si...

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#LoveOzYAbookclub: November 2015 Book Discussion Post – Illuminae (Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff)
Hi and welcome to our first book club Discussion Post!  Now, as book club host, it’s kind of my job to be impartial,
but this is the first book off the rank, and (hopefully) the only book I’ll get
to choose over the course of book club. 
And I’ve got to say...

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#LoveOzYAbookclub: Author Q&A – Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff (Illuminae)
value-add to our book club experience, I’ve asked authors whose books we’re
reading to either a) answer a short Q&A, or b) participate in an FB author
chat, if they’re able.  As authors can
get very busy, I’ve tried to keep it light-hearted, with the emp...
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