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Blog post saying that parents will be able to get updates on what's being posted in your Google Classroom sent directly to them. Yay. #parentcommunication

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An extremely engaging way to #quickwrite with students. If they stop writing... they lose everything! #pressureison #noslacking #challenge

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You mean there are ways to engage students that don't involve technology? #ofcoursethereis #talktimeisgoodtime

Check out @emergentmath's Tweet:

We're noticing a number of the newest Acer Chromebooks are having issues with their touchpads. They are getting to the point that they don't work with a regular "click". You have to hammer on it.

Is anyone seeing this in other Acers? (Maybe it's just us!)


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Great article on turning screen time into quality time. 

Trying to teach similar shapes to my grade 4 this weekend....

We grabbed the chromebook and within 5 minutes had it down.

We imported an image to a Google doc.

Similar = grabbing the corner to enlarge it, keeps the proportions...
Not similar is grabbing the side or bottom and making the image longer or wider. Distorted picture really showed her quickly that it's not similar.

#teachingwithtech #sobasicyetsoeffective 

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Robert Kaplinsky has some amazing math inquiry.

Real world context through short video clips and photos that help lead to better understanding of the problem. (Highly recommended: The Steve Martin Hot Dogs/Buns Multiples Problem)

Full lesson plans that can be tailored to a Brightlinks-centred lesson or group work on Chromebooks.

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Add some power and ease to the use of Google Classroom
Use the new Share to Classroom extension to get your #GoogleClassroom students on the same (web)page, instantly.
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+Ferdinand Krauss​​, are we still promoting taking Chromebooks and their powercords out of the carts and sending them home with staff members for the summer? (I vote yes!) 
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