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Eric Holstein
Systems Engineering Manager at Cisco where I work, live, learn and play.
Systems Engineering Manager at Cisco where I work, live, learn and play.

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Don't spread yourself too thin. Learn to say no politely and quickly.

If faced with a tough challenge, act like nothing's impossible. When you encounter Jaws, grab the tartar sauce. You can do this.

Over tip breakfast waitresses.

Watch a sunrise at least once a year.

Complement three people every day.

Complement three people everyday.

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I love it when birds cooperate like these. I asked them to look interesting. They obliged.

I love having my iPhone along all the time. When you're with family, they never seem to have the patience to let me try different things with my DSLR... Forget bringing a tripod.


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I was at the zoo with the family on MLK Day. This monitor seemed to be taking it easy. I don't think it even noticed me... I didn't even have to sneak up on it. I think it's just a very cool monitor that had a wild time last night.

So, am I officially a sidewalk photographer now?

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Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta is out.

According to Adobe, here is a sampling of the new digital imaging and processing capabilities in the Lightroom 4 beta:
-Bring out detail in highlight and shadows.
-Create photo books using automatic layouts or select from a variety of page layouts for a custom design.
-Find, group, and display images by location.
-Easily organize, view, and edit video clips.
-Use new local editing tools for white balance, noise reduction, and moiré.
-Ensure more accurate color in your prints and online images with soft proofing.
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