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One of my friend is giving away a free $400 ticket for EDC Las Vegas because he can't go.
If you're interested :
Contact him on twitter :@Neil_ASOT
Or on Facebook:
♥•♥•♥ xXx
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Sara Guittard

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Have a great day all !!
James Dymond - Overthrow (Protoculture Remix)
♥•♥•♥ xXx
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Thank sarah very nice beat 
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Here we gooo !! It's #ASOT time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D
Love the new intro btw (-:
+Armin van Buuren +A State Of Trance 
♥•♥•♥ xXx
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#NowPlaying #ASOT2014 mixed by the best #DJ of the world : +Armin van Buuren !!! :-D
♥•♥•♥ xXx
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Nice!  ASOT  Armin Van Buuren!!
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Those darkest moments, those darkest thoughts erased by only one person: +Armin van Buuren the only sunshine in my life. 🙏 🌟 💜 🎶 ☀ ♡ +A State Of Trance #TranceFamily  
♥•♥•♥ xXx
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Sara Guittard

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Trance Hub is giving away copies of 'In Trance We Trust 20' by Menno de Jong, Mike Saint-Jules & Sneijder.
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Ladies & Gentlemen !!!
I've been working for months for this... and finally.. here it is the great news !!!! Flowing Music comes to you!
Check out my website about Trance & EDM !!!
Tell me what you think, don't hesitate to leave a comment, and share it with the whole world!! Let's spread the love for music !

More to come soon.

*Special massiiiiive thank you to Charlotte Jabès & William Guittard for their f*cking precious help !! Love you both <333

#Trance #TranceFamily #EDM  
♥•♥•♥ xXx
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Was machst du so
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Sara Guittard

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It's the sun in your eyes.... #SunInYourEyes #Enjoy #Life #Be #Happy #Breath
#MissTrance  ♥•♥•♥ xXx
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الله يستر على جمالكي

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Tuned into #ASOT657 with +Armin van Buuren !!!! ((-:
Amazing kick off with a new intro !!!
+A State Of Trance #TranceFamily #Trance #Music #EDM  
♥•♥•♥ xXx
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Sara Guittard

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RIP Frankie Knuckles !
#House #Music   #Legend
♥•♥•♥ xXx
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+Armin van Buuren & +Benno de Goeij  made history last night with their Gaia set at #ASOT650US !!!
I had tears.  This night was full of surprises, full of beautiful moments. It was unbelievable, breathtaking !

I hope there will be other #Gaia sets! (-:
+A State Of Trance +Armada Music #Trance #TranceFamily  
♥•♥•♥ xXx
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it was a great performance.😃
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Trance lover,
Game lover,
Soccer lover,
MotoGP lover, full of dreams and goals! 🙏 🌟 💜 🎶 ☀ ♡

Lot of people ask me why I never start a convo with them
---> Cause i don't want to bother you idiots !!!!!
I'm dying to speak with YOU !  

→ September 8, 2012 !!!
#InoxParkParis #AvB

→ February 15, 2014 !!!
#ASOT650 #AvB ...
     ✨ ✫

▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ıılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=­­­­­­­­­­­­­̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılıl­ı­ı▄ █ ▄ █ ▄
╔═══╗ ♪    
║███║ ♫    
║ (●) ♫ ♫     
#ViveLaTrance \\O//

    Embracing the godess energy within yourselves
Will bring all of you to a new understanding and valuing of life
A vision that inspires you to live and love on planet earth.
Like a priceless jewel, buried in a dark layer of soil and stone
Earth radiates her brilliant beauty, into the caverns of space and time.
Perhaps you are aware of those who watch over your home,
And experience it as a place to visit and play with reality.
You are becoming aware of yourself,
As a gamemaster.
    Imagine earth restored to her real beauty
Steady trees seems to brush the deep blue sky,
The clouds billow to form the majestic peaks.
The songs of birds fill the air,
Create a symphony on symphony.
The godess is calling for an honouring of what she allows to be created
Through the form of strength and blood.
Those who own our planet, are learning about love.

Call this a liquid love ❤

Drive boy, dog boy
Dirty numb angel boy
In the doorway boy
She was a lipstick boy
She was a beautiful boy
And tears boy
And all in your innerspace boy
You had
hands girl boy
and steel boy
You had chemicals boy
I've grown so close to you
Boy and you just groan boy
She said comeover, comeover
She smiled at you boy ❣

Alright, you might as well know...
We went to dinner at the Flamingo Bar and Grill
And by about 10 O'clock we're playing footsies under the table and having dessert like the good old days...
And then we went to the Motel,
And then it happened..we balled, and we balled, and we balled...

And we're singing louder than bombs can fall
And we're falling faster than light
And we're hurting harder than ever before
How does it be...the one? ღ

I don't know why they say it's music with no feeling
I don't know why they say it's words with no meaning
I don't know why they hold me it against me
It's all I can give you, all I can give you
I don't see why there is a shame in believers
Love is the answer, music is ill
I don't see how I could change who I am
It's all I can give you, all I can give you

It's not in everything you say
It's not in everything you do
I belong to you, moving closer reasons later
It wouldn't matter what you say
It doesn't matter what you do
I belong to you, moving closer reasons later
I belong to you, reasons later

What's the way to live ?
What's the way to love ?
Why do we fight so much ?
We can make it better for all of us
Tell me why this world is not enough ?

Is anybody out there ?
Is anyone listening ?
Is anyone left in this whole world ?
Or are we alone?

Dance, dance in the morning light
Open your darkened eyes
Hey, hey, it's a beautiful day
It'll be okay, It'll be okay...

Oui qu'elle belle, belle vie
Quand chaque jour est fait de ton sourire...
Donne moi la main
et on dansera toujours dans mon coeur ♪♫

It's in my eyes, it's in my head
It's something there that I can't forget
I don't want to fight love away

Black or white ?
Will you look at what we were ?
Whether wrong or right
No one can tell

Whatever it takes
The reason to believe you
I won't let go
Holding onto innocent meaning

Sunset boulevard
Don't fade away
Let's take a walk in the dark

Sunset boulevard
Let's make belief
All the water was written in your heart

Near or Far
It'll always lead to us
Whether high or low
We carry on

Earth is the hold, they are the kite
With silk that glows into the night
Cars are the dust, they are the pyrite
Conjuring lust out of a fight

They're fighting over her
She answers to no one and
Leaves her chin up high to
Challenge this world
And so she takes her hand
And tells her all her secrets
Cries out
"Nobody can love us
If we’re made of stars”

Stars are young and they know their place
Nobody's ever kept her down without a trace they're
Free from love yet free from closeness
The closest thing they've got to the perfect constant
Single mistress intuition
If she barks out orders then we must complete them
One must hear and one must see
They both must create but they've been assigned
To each

We, are one of the same
Our stories untold
for the skyfire to fall...

So there was this DJ who was like kicking off
I don't know what he was doing, but it was sick man
Like, he was, like
Hands in the air

And then his cat walked in
You know, not like a cat
Like a feeling cat
Like a real, like you know, like
You know what I'm saying dog
Like cats and dogs
It was raining
It wasn't raining
We were raving

And I don't know whether he was really saying it
All he kept saying was

♥•♥•♥ xXx
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June 20, 1996
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Jacob van Hage – Raid (Original Mix) OUT NOW ‹‹ Flowing Music

This is a Raid !!!!! Few month after his great remix of &#39;Artificial Nocturne&#39; for Metric and his edit of &#39;Azumea&#39; for Essentials &amp; Wessel S,

Trice Recordings celebrating its 50th release with Matisse &amp; Sadko ‹...

This week, the Armada imprint Trice Recordings decided to celebrate their 50th release with a brand new Progressive/House choon called 'Azon