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Awesome !

but why a mail for.. TurboCocoa Trial ?!
Cool, but I have some doubts regarding compatibility and maintenance in the long term.
(I have similar doubts for FMX though).
Does CrossVCL just provide Bridgecomponents (VCL Compatible TEdit, TMemo and so on) or does it actually provide VCL-Compatible bases (like TWinControl, TCanvas) so other VCLComponents can be ported with little effort(or work out of the box)?
If only it would be open source, we may have a better visibility for the future...
Awesome! Maybe it's created by the same team behind TurboCocoa? Their website contains too less info, but I think this is a correct direction. To me there are two important factors: 1) On the main Windows platform I can keep take advantage of the VCL; 2) I can gradually adding support for the MacOS platform for an existing VCL app.
This looks amazing, but I would love to know how flexible it is. Does it just work with a subset of VCL controls or can it manage more complex 3rd party components?
+Alexander Benikowski crossVcl provides low-level compatibility level for VCL. Standard controls like Edit, Memo use native Cocoa controls as backend. Custom controls like TCustomControl and TGraphicControl works on top of crossVCL layer. TCanvas and TBitmap work on top of CoreGraphics API. We will provide more info, when beta will be ready.
+Charalampos Michael 3rdparty controls should work as expected, if they not use some specific Windows API. We will try to provide compatibility with most popular control set. Please email to us with wish list of 3rd party controls, you like to see work on crossVcl. 
I'd love to see Raize Components work! I use them almost exclusively for my own projects rather than the default components. (They SHOULD be the default components, IMHO!) BTW, I've done my own dev work on a Mac for about 10 years now, and it would be great to be able to have a simple way to build Mac apps. I've never really taking a liking to FMX.
+CrossVcl Team Interesting - is this based on the LCL, or is it a ground-up implementation? (In one of the demos in the video, an FPC source tree is browsed.)
re 3rd party controls, how about instrument lab?
also Abacus?
i signed up to be a beta tester :) (I already have a Mac app)
I've got a ton of VCL code that i'd love to port to the mac. I have no need for FMX or iOS since I build the iOS stuff in Swift. I've been trying to think about how to build my GUI code to run on both FMX and VCL with as few changes and abstractions as possible. I was thinking about using a class helper.
Would be great if DevExpress will be supportet.
+Markus Ja For this they would have to implement a lot of WinAPI functions including Windows Hooks for MacOS. I doubt that they write a Wine-clone
Certainly looks cool, it appears to have similarities to FMX, except:
- they claim to not have their own rendering engine (as in FMX), but map to native controls only (which does FMX optionally for a few controls).
- no device abstraction (as in FMX), but VCL "patching"
I remember a project a few years ago, which had a similar goal. +Jason Southwell
On the web site there is no description about how it functions 
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