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CrossVcl 0.35 just released. What's new:

Added: Threading API's for Mutes, Events, CriticalSections
Added: GDI Monochrome bitmap support
Added: Background and text color support in Edit and Memo
Added: WindowFromPoint, TextOutW, MessageBeep, SetLastError, RemoveMenu, DrawEdge, GetPixel, SetTextAlign
Added: Bunch of new GDI+ api implemented
Improved: Custom native control support
Improved: Control focusing behaviour improved
Improved: AllocateWnd, MakeObjectInstance totally rewriten, much faster and stable now.
Improved: GDI bitmap drawing performance
Fixed: Glyphs not visible on DBGrid
Fixed: Grid and StringGrid editing
Fixed: Timer allocation and behaviour
Fixed: Crash when used undefined font
Fixed: MonitorFromWindow return nil
Fixed: Bunch of other minor issues

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CrossVcl 0.30 just released

+ New API: GDI+ brush and pen color setter and getter
+ New API: VirtualAlloc, VirtualFree, GetMenuItemID, GetACP
+ Fixed: Multiply timers don't work
+ Fixed: GDI+ path appending and stroke drawing

CrossVcl 0.2.214 just released
+ New API: DestroyMenu, LineTo, MoveTo, Polygon, CreatePen, TRect's API
+ Implemented most of Memo's API
+ Extended ComboBox's API

CrossVcl v 0.2 just released. Subscribe to the beta and try it now.

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New SynEdit: Highlighter demo on macOS compiled with CrossVcl and Delphi Berlin. Beta will be available soon.

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New GLScene's Megacube example on macOS made with CrossVcl and Delphi.

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Minimal Virtual Treeview Demo on macOS compiled using Delphi and crossVcl without modifications of source code.

We are currently in private alpha and will be launching our public beta very soon.

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