Shard-Field Takedown

We (dspolleke and i) were playing at shard #18, stealing it at Romilly-sur-Seine, shooting it to st. Clement and later to Sens.

When we went back to Paris we saw RES putting up the field. The first thing I thought was “ I want that field to be gone” . The hard part was trying to communicate with the French operators. So I went in solo. We were driving by the closed areas and was looking for a way in. I asked dspolleke (the driver) to drop me off near the park.

I didn't see a possible way to get in so I looked at the gate at the pony park. It was not closed all the way. I shook the fence and it made really loud noise. This alarmed the guard and he came my way. To my surprise it was a veteran from the French army. I am a veteran from the Dutch army. Apparently we spent 4 months in Iraq together. We had a talk and I explained to him why I was there. He started to laugh and invited me in. We walked to the portal together.

For the sake of his career I won't disclose his identity. I already called him and explained that there are people trying to get him fired. His colleagues back him up now and they won't say a word. Just like me.

I have never trespassed and I will never ever trespass anywhere since I have 3 daughters here. I won't risk breaking the law. It's a pity I took the fun out of the game for some. For that I am sorry, but it was a legit move so for taking down the field in a legit way I feel good.

I hope this explains my move. It was a coincidence that I know the guard otherwise the shards would be on the target. So a Salut to the player who planned the OP and tried to move them in to Paris.

Greetings ArieDeBeuker9
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