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Hi folks.

I've just watched the Old Man Grognard's TBH review ( ).

I thought he misunderstood one rule, but when I went to the text to check it's kind of dubious (or my english is betraying me).

Likewise, when a creature attacks, the character must roll below its STR against a Melee Attack and DEX against a Ranged Attack to avoid taking damage
do its refer to the character or the creature?

I've always assumed that PCs should roll under their own STR or DEX to avoid the attack, but Glenn got this rule as rolling under the creature's attribute.

Since the monsters listed in the rulebook don't have attributes, I think I've got it right, but I'd like to listen from you guys.

Hello there,

TBH is translated to brazilian portuguese (ready, just asking other people to review it). So if you speak it / have any suggestion, please tell me.

It's ready and in review phase. There are some highlights on terms I'm not 100% ok with the translation on the readme file. ( )

+Bruno Bord, I've just did a pull request of this version. If nothing changes til the end of the day I guess we can go on with it.

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