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Christopher Olawale Osunbote
A human who discovered he had always been a human being, after all...
A human who discovered he had always been a human being, after all...


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And we start the jungle business again.
Check out this #chess game: krystophyr vs Arnolio -

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we just can't see that science and faith may be able to live together peacefully!

  Narrator: After the saga of the angels and virgins We continue this tale of humble origins At the ancient land of adventure and djinns   They grew skilled in the art Of setting the merely supernatural apart And studying the truly spiritual by heart  …

Why does light hide under the shadow of darkness, and the search for truth and reality so complicated? #WanderingIntoTheLight

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Check out this #chess game: Arnolio vs krystophyr -

We start this legendary dance again.

So what matters is we become entangled. Then I'll try my luck fallin again into my darkness draggin you(Light) along. #WanderingIntoTheLight

We weren't meant to be strong and grow tough; but made to fall, and be weak. I am only strong enough to fall away properly into your arms.

We wake up from dreams, only to spend our days chasing dreams.
And it never ends! #LettingGo

#OnTheVisible, you simply cannot totally depend on five senses.

I'm sorry, but I'm afraid it's a fact.

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Shadow, How have you been? It’s been aeons since I last reached out to you. Since I last reached in to you. But you have always been there somehow, haven’t you. You faithfully stalk the soul. Lovingly following your owner. Through his busy days and dark…

WinterGod, see my tear-soaked fears. I hang them on you to freeze them all away. Render them lifeless.

Welcoming #harmattan. #melancholies
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