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Friday night (July 31, 2015) a Palestinian home was firebombed by Israeli settlers and an 18 month old baby was burned to dead, his parents and his 4 year old little brother are in critical condition.

A year ago, Israeli settlers kidnapped a teenager, drove him to a forest, beat him, poured gasoline down his mouth, set him on fire and burned him from the inside out.

According to the UN 120 attacks of Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank have been documented in 2015 alone; 92.6% of the complaints filed with the police result in no charges against anyone.

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#Israel #Palestinians #firebomb #Palestinian18montholdburned #occupiedwestbank #Israelisettlers #injustice #crimesagainsthumanity 
Death of an 18-month-old toddler in firebomb attack in occupied West Bank condemned around world, and triggers clashes.

Juana Leilani

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This is the kind of crap that made me start a military support page about a year ago, I called it +J. L. RAMOS​​ (maiden name).
There I post about the good that our military veterans and troops are doing everyday in their communities and around the world; and it is a welcoming respite for military families who don't need the messed up comments of ignorant punks wishing that their loved ones had died.

Once our troops have been deployed to a war zone, the debate in our political system is over until a change is requested! If you didn't make your case to keep us from going overseas and kicking ass then is partly your fault and your political leaders' fault, NOT OUR TROOPS' FAULT!!!

THANK YOU to all the veterans, military family members, and supporters who are in both of my G+ pages, I LOVE YOU ALL, you make life better for me everyday wether you know it or not. 💙💜💛💚💖💕
SHARE and let everyone of this military haters know how their anger is misplaced
(let me know if I forgot to tag you)

+M Clark​​
+John Prevette​​
+Alexander Poku​​
+Luanne Torre​​
+Frank McGarry​​
+Gulf War Syndrome​​
+Nick Plessas​​
+Andre Jackson II​​
+Rossa Ridley​​
+K Mcduffie​​
+Sgt. A.K.​​
+Dwight Wilson​​
+Shawn S.​​
+Glenn Junior​​
+Dilma C​​
+Bear Lucas​​
+Apocalypse Now​​
+Alan Atkins​​
+Jason Nail​​
+Theresa Vargas​​
+Dora Gonzales​​
+Charles van Dijk​​
+Barry Schwind​​
+Jason Carlile​​
+Jesse H​​
+Ricardo Sanchez​​
+Mega Hempisphere​​
+Pete F​​
+L.C. Greenhill​​
+Seeker Michael​​
+Bendt Sten​​
+steven romero​​
+Andrew Williams​​
+Martin Reyna​​
+Robert C Brewer​​
+Richard H​​
+Emory Thomas​​
+Bryan Ott​​
+Shayan Mikovich​​
+roger payne​​
+steve taylor​​
+Jim Tennefoss​​
+Elizabeth Wharry​​
+Manuel Caycedo​​
+William Mitchell​​
+Wally M​​
+Don Orich​​
+David Markham​​
+A Fearless Foe​​
+Jess Bell​​
+Johnson Edword​​
+M. Stearnes​​
+Edward Nigma​​
+Robert Strongbow​​
+Sincity Sal​​
+Dan Fryling​​
+Martell Bone​​
+Carlos Guerra​​
+Larry Weathersby​​
+Ray Rivas​​
+JP Camacho​​
+Ron Altajal​​
+Homer InNC​​
+SGT Dunson​​
+Leo Lescarbeau​​
+Pete McGowan​​
+Albert Ripley​​
+laura marie lenander fowler​​
+Marc Calvert​​
+William Dove​​
+Stephanie Duncan​​

A simple trip to the store ended with a veteran getting a hateful letter left on his car.
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Me but no worries :)
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Aurora Borealis in Oulu, Finland
Photograph by Tiina Tormanen
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I got this at an antique store for $2, it is signed by the artist on the back and the name of the town where it was made is Patzcuaro.

I Googled it, and it turns out that "Patzcuaro's artisans are famous for exquisite lacquerware trays. ..with beautiful and intricate patterns painted in gold on a black background."
The creator is award winning artisan Rogelio Alonso Mesa, he has a shop named Los Once Patios in Patzcuaro, Mexico. It is worth at least $100 😁😀😂
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Very nice like the colors in it.
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One light year equals about 6 TRILLION miles!

Light is the fastest-moving stuff in the universe. It travels at an incredible 300,000 kilometers (186,000 miles) per second. So, in a year, light travels far.
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Ok, I got a question. ...
The observations in this planet were made 18 light years away, that is about 108 TRILLION miles away .. . ... ... why is it that we could not even see exactly what Pluto looked like when is only 3 billion miles away but we assume this about another planet so much farther? 
An aurora has been spotted for the first time outside our solar system, about 18 light years away on a brown dwarf. What is truly special is that it is about a million times brighter than anything we’ve seen from the Northern Lights.
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How much is speculation how much real.The same as quantum mechanics we no its there but little more (speculation]
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Friendly Reminder: When you Look at the Stars, You Travel Back in Time

That said, for this statement to be true, the alien civilization would need to have some rather advanced technology. And they would really be looking back at a world that is populated with dinosaurs. It's not like they would actually see the dinosaurs roaming about on Earth. Still, this is a pretty neat thought.

Image credit: NASA
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Jesse H
Very possible. Bet that's why they stay away from here Juana. 
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Bucket List!
I've been wanting to go here for years!
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AESOME !!! Love to go to one of these events.
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Aurora Treealis by Ilkka Hämäläinen -
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Please don't get close to the wildlife animals (to take a better picture) give them THEIR space. 
Bison! Wolves! Great white sharks! When it comes to walking on the wild side, our nation is home to a big, beautiful array of mammals, birds, and reptiles from Alaska to Florida. All you need to do is book your trip and pack your camera.
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Never again 
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Does anyone recognize who the artist is that painted this? (It is not Julian Ritter's style)
I got this at an antique store for $4.50 😁😀😂
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Thank youuuuuu +Al Middleton​!!!
I LOVE THIS!!! 😍😍😍
An aurora has been spotted for the first time outside our solar system, about 18 light years away on a brown dwarf. What is truly special is that it is about a million times brighter than anything we’ve seen from the Northern Lights.
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The fries were so horrible! I should go thru the drive thru and throw it back at them. ...not impressed with the brisket sandwich either
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I love this place! Huge truck parking in the back. also next to a Pilot truck stop
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HORRIBLE!!! The first time they charged over $500 to my credit card when it was supposed to be about $200 (he had added all kinds of insurance without asking me if I wanted it, my insurance covers it), and they could not correct it until a week after I returned the car. Today I talked to one person about getting a ride back after I return this car and he said no problem, now I get here and they tell me they do not give rides back to people on weekends to call a taxi!!! I have no idea how much the taxi is going to cost ME!
• • •
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The travel books section is a complete mess! No way this is in any kind of order!
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HORRIBLE!!! The buffalo chicken strips were raw inside! No amount of Listerine can wash this feeling off my mouth from when I took a bite. I TOOK PICS, posted on my blog!
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LOVE IT! The watermelon flavor is AWESOME!
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I had the chorizo con papas tacos in home made corn tortillas, OMG! THE BEST! . .... . ...service was great this time so the got upgraded to 5*****
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