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Check us out shortly on BBC2 on #dragonsden  

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Some thoughts on Dark Data and Mobile Public Location Broadcasting.

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We made it into the Dublin Web Summit featured startups!

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Sunday buzzing Sunday

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Need a turbo charged Google Latitude replacement? Try Swarmly!

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Swarmly receives commendation in Scottish Design Awards! Woo!

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Keep an eye on the android store for an update with full anon live sharing without a facebook account, fixes and refinements! Out soon! 

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We believe that open location sharing is the future, we may be early, but we intend to keep iterating Swarmly platform beyond its current prototype status!

Please give it a try, specifically live sharing on android - coming soon to iOS.
Has anyone tried +Swarmly yet? This is one of the things Google Buzz was trying to achieve with the Buzz layer on Google Maps. The idea is to be able to take a look at a city and get an idea of what's actually happening there.

I'm of the opinion that ideas which seem to recur like this, despite having been tried unsuccessfully before, are generally really good ideas - we either just haven't found a way to make them work so far, or maybe the world isn't quite ready for them yet.

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Venture Beat SXSW interview
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