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A Confession
I really like the villain-on-a-card thing, whether the card is the size of a playing card, a tarot card, or a notecard. I like the artwork and the way things are usually arranged. I loved the cards in DC Heroes 2nd, even though I lost them to a teething pup...

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Way back in the 1990s, I ran a one-off using DC Heroes that I called Sidekix. Basically, it was an adventure where the Teen Titans surrogates had grown up and most had quit adventuring, but old business drew them together. I had the material on my page on G...

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I was listening to Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff this morning, and Ken Hite mentioned his general preference for providing clearly-provided incentives for things you want the players to do. Now, ICONS is a general superhero rules set. You can do pretty muc...

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Melting the bullets
System: ICONS Because I have an odd brain, I started wondering how hot your flame aura has to be before it vaporizes the bullets shot at you. Iron melts at about 1500 degrees Celsius, and that's higher than the melting point of steel or brass, so we're goin...

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A One-Shot Idea: Graduation Exercise
System: Any Had an idea for a one-shot today. You'd want pre-gens, I think, but I have no experience at one-shots for conventions or whatever. Some masked adventurer from the forties or even thirties--call him Ulysses Prophet--is well known and is good , hi...

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What about the Legion of Doom/LSV/Brotherhood of Evil Mutants?
A hero is as good as his or her opponent. Given that as a usually-true statement, I am boggled that I haven't given more attention to enemies in my life. My technique was that I would come up with situations, put the characters in them, and if any of the vi...

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Getting the Band Together
In fantasy games, everybody meets in a tavern and usually trusts each other even though there's no reason to do so. But what do you do in a superhero game, set in something like the real world? I assume that the players actually want their characters to get...

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Have some ICONS 45 point characters
System: ICONS Just because I got carried away, have fourteen or so ICONS characters at 45 points, suitable for use as pre-generated characters and clearly based on certain characters from the comics. Names and qualities are not  filled in, so you can person...

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Cities, part I
Superheroes and cities go together like bread and butter, even if you can do superheroes in a rural setting, or in space. As Steve Kenson has pointed out, superheroes are intrinsically urban: They have cities to belong to or to protect. And, in fact, you sh...

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Your small-town supers setting, doncha know
For a small group, you can certainly consider a small-town setting. (Insert Brent Butt's comedy routine about the hooker in the small town.) They can go into the city sometimes and get into conflicts there, but most of it would be local. There are a couple ...
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