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Black Maine Coon
life with a maine coon cat =^.^=
life with a maine coon cat =^.^=


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This "human training" isn't as easy as I thought it was going to be!
it's an ever on going full time job, think I need a nap.  =^.^=.
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yes, it's true - you can get cashback when you shop online! On top of all the deals/coupons/discounts at the stores you already know.  Why not get cash back for the stuff your going to buy online anyways! It's free to sign up too. Now my human doesn't slug home the litter, it's delivered to the door! It's purrrfect -

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"Vinnie The Boss" having a visit with Buddha  =^.^=

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Black cats are amazing! What was your reason for adopting one?

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A funny satire from a cat's perspective! What's your favorite one?

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Meet "Levi The Cutie Pie", a six month old maine coon kitten.

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Is a meow just a meow?

Maine Coon human training isn't easy, but with enough persistence it's doable. Interesting article by Scientific American on how clever cats on training their humans.

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The Healing Purr Power
A good purring snuggle, might just be what the doctor in your Cat recommends.  How delightfully purrfect  =^.^=

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Why do cats purr?
There is more going on with purring than you might first realize.
{Purring induces brainwave entraining, eliminating stress factors, the “noise” of the chaotic thoughts and is helping to harmonize people’s inner being. "
 How purrfect is that!

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