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I think its great that more students want to learn more about technology since it is now part of every day life... But I don't think learning a computer language should substitute for a foreign language... I feel like this move by Kentucky will only further silo American culture from interacting with cultures in there native language. I think its bad enough that most Americans don't know a second language. With globalization occurring at exponential rate in coming years, I think the United State's youth will be at a disadvantage in the job market to those that know a second language.
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For some reason the link did not get attached to the post, here is the news article..
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I am all for women's rights. But I am not sure about having women in the special forces, including the Navy Seals. I feel combat will fundamentally change because men have a "natural" instinct to protect women, which may jeopardize sensitive missions. What do y'all think?
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A Great Day for Medicine! The potential for medical breakthroughs is now exponential. 
In a decision that will have profound repercussions, the US Supreme Court has ruled that “a naturally occurring DNA segment is a product of nature and not patent eligible”
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Seriously? This makes me very happy!
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Very Similar to Watson May Help Beat Cancer, Google relies on algorithms to return results, Watson learns the results (Cognitive Computing)
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P.S. I promise I am not being biased lol
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Trevor Ferre

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This completely overkill.... I am all about the right to bear arms..... Should this be legal?
Rated RR tested the Radically Invasive Projectile (yes, RIP) ammo against ballistic gel, filming it in super-slow motion to show you what a bullet like this would do as it penetrates the flesh of a human body. It's pretty terrifying stuff.
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I agree its the people that misuse it, but this bullet was designed one purpose to do the most damage possible.... look at the first shot in the video where the bullet splinters...  Current gun laws do not provide any restrictions on ammunition.
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Trevor Ferre

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IBM Smarter Analytics at the French Open
-Just wait till we have analytics at every sporting event...
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SportsVu is being used currently in basketball and pitch f/x is used in baseball. 

I like that this will allow for a lot of data collection and I'm interested in what people will be able to learn from the information. 

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