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Ian Atkin
Technologist, Silicon Valley.
Technologist, Silicon Valley.

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"It would be like throwing peanuts at a whale..."

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Did Ello's designers steal their distinctive logo from elsewhere?

"Back in 1999 (long before the advent of social networking:, we were commissioned to brand a new foodie start-up, The Real Olive Company. Karin Andersson and Ben Flight established their now thriving business – importing olives and other delicious Mediterranean produce – from a humble market stall in Bristol. With ‘real food for real people’ at the heart of everything they do, they have successfully grown the company and you can buy their products online and from delis and farm shops across the land. Photographs of their early customers were shot by Shaw&Shaw."

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{ "comment" : "I’m working on a standard to represent MP3s as Word documents if you’re interested." }

    <json:string name="comment">I’m working on a standard to represent MP3s as Word documents if you’re interested.</json:string>

I feel like we should refrain from using the word "homeless" and instead adopt the term "work shy", for purely sarcastic reasons. That's what the Fascists in the 1940s referred to them as, and the way I see them being treated by the police is very reminiscent of Fascism. I saw another poor guy being written up last night. Why? Because he was in an affluent area of the city and not huddled under some freeway and tucked out of sight. Why? Because without the means to bathe or care for himself, for whatever unfortunate accident of providence, he can never hope to find employment or a permanent home. We, as a society, should be working with these people, not against them. If you want to see them go away, put them into a caring environment or provide sustainable assistance. Putting them in prison or on a bus or moving them along isn't the answer.

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Excited to announce @floydophone aka Pete Hunt of @instagram will be joining us at Code for Edu to talk #reactjs!


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It's been a looong time since I lived here...

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You think Wikipedia has cornered the market on knowledge?

Think again.

Versal data engineers have reached the next important milestone in knowledge mapping. They are building an automated visualizer of nearly four thousand nodes.

Check it out:

#Versal   #Data   #DataVisualization  
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