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Jen Gordon
UI/UX designer, Entrepreneur, Dolly Parton Fan
UI/UX designer, Entrepreneur, Dolly Parton Fan


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What kind of landing page themes/templates are you looking for on Leadpages?

Let me know and the theme idea that gets the most mentions - I'll create it!

:) jen

Landing Page Designer

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Join us for this free 3 Day course :))
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How to Review Your Own Website Copy
Most websites and landing pages have some low hanging fruit just waiting to be picked when it comes to no brainer changes that can be made. I've put together a post that lays out the 4 key things to assess while going through your page copy. 

To make it easier, there's a simple Google spreadsheet I've included that will help walk you through the process on your own. 

Check it out here:   #copywritingtips   #conversionoptimization  
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Finally finished it!! :)
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