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Not a great first showing for Windows 10...

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This is in no way a competitive response to what some other company is doing.

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This game looks promising, looking forward to giving it a try.

GoGo explicitly forbids video streaming services on their in-flight connections, presumably due to limited shared bandwidth. I'm wondering how that restriction interacts with the new net neutrality rules passed by the FCC.

+Roberto Peon 

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Beginning this April, Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) will be fully deprecated and no longer supported. C2DM is being replaced by Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), the next generation of C2DM ( Please note that C2DM push messaging will no longer function properly if your app does not migrate to the latest GCM library.

If you have any apps that still use C2DM, we strongly urge you migrate to GCM as soon as possible. You can see if you’re using C2DM by checking if you’re using a gcm.jar library or GCM helper libraries ( in your implementation. If none of your apps use C2DM, there is no action required on your part. 

Learn more (

#androiddev   #GoogleCloudMessaging  

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As a measles outbreak spreads across the US, with 14 states now affected, the advocates of letting deadly epidemics run wild are finding themselves suddenly unpopular:

Members of the anti-vaccine movement said the public backlash had terrified many parents. “People are now afraid they’re going to be jailed,” said Barbara Loe Fisher, the president of the National Vaccine Information Center, a clearinghouse for resisters. “I can’t believe what I’m seeing. It’s gotten so out of hand, and it’s gotten so vicious.”

This is not, to be honest, an unreasonable fear: it turns out that when you recklessly engage in conduct which places another person (or the general public) in danger of death or serious bodily injury, you may well have a reason to fear that people might want you to go to jail. The technical term is "reckless endangerment." And when people -- especially children -- start actually dying because of your actions, you may well have reason to fear that your neighbors may suggest that you find some other neighbors, starting right away.

The reaction to this outbreak has, however, offered me some real hope. I suspect that as soon as people remember just why people were so terrified of these diseases, the popularity of the "anti-vaccine" movement is likely to plummet, largely at the hands of people who don't feel like being put in mortal danger by their neighbors' fears. Hopefully, this movement will be gone and forgotten before too many people die. (But I want to be honest here: people are going to die. Mostly kids.)

We should recognize that there are real access problems in some parts of the country: the government pays for vaccines but not the doctor's time, and if you get paid by the hour and don't have a car, simply the time to go to the doctor is a major factor. But we know how to fix these problems: the mobile vaccination stations that helped end the polio epidemic of the 1950's are proof of that.

The best proof by far, though, is that some states are doing a great job to this day. It turns out that the winner is Mississippi, which has managed to achieve a 99.7% immunization rate for the most serious diseases! They've done this through a combination of a strong public health program and not messing around with their laws. You can read more about what they've done, and how they stack up against other states, at .

I suggest a three-point strategy:

(1) Make sure that the CDC-approved vaccine schedule is available to every person. Task an agency with achieving as close to 100% coverage as possible; the only people who shouldn't be getting these are people for whom there is a medical reason not to.

(2) Educate the public about what's going on and why. Don't be afraid to pull out the old videos and show people of just why measles is not a "thing you just get over." 

(3) Starting in areas where vaccination is already reliably available, and ultimately spreading to all areas of the country, impose criminal liability for the deliberate failure to vaccinate without medical reason, under existing laws for reckless endangerment and/or child endangerment. 

My parents and their generation got to watch their families and their friends die from these diseases. I don't want to do the same.

h/t to +Kyla Myers for the WaPo article about Mississippi's success. Another very interesting article to read is, from the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, which goes through the reasons why people aren't getting vaccinated and proposes several ways to help fix it. Thanks to +James Salsman for that one.

Special thanks to +Steve Esterly for his thorough critique of a previous version of this post, and in particular catching that I had misinterpreted the JAAPA article in a rather important way. 

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That first surge to 24 mph works out to an acceleration of 1.32 G.

That’s faster than one of Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets, which would theoretically pull 1.15 G if launched horizontally.

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Later this year, Gradleware will offer a Gradle Eclipse plugin which will provide outstanding Gradle integration with Eclipse.

I'm wondering how this will affect the #pixelwar . Will +Kirill Grouchnikov switch to a gradle build but hosted in Eclipse? Will +Alex Ruiz and his team win him over to Android Studio with higher level features?

Personally, as someone who's already taken the Gradle plunge for a large project, I'm looking forward to the configuration and parallelization improvements.

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Happy 4th of July!

MAYDAY.US is closing in on their goal of $5 million in crowd sourced money to fight against big money in American politics.
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