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Continuing the CaptainTeach adventure...

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Second CaptainTeach Assignment
My first assignment with CaptainTeach was well received by students. They like getting that much feedback and were able to indicate the benefit of reviewing work to familiarize themselves with the instructor's expectations.  The negatives they mentioned wer...

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I'm about to use CaptainTeach for the first time.

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First CaptainTeach Assignment
I assigned a reading from a computer science text book to my 10th grade CS Principles class. They started the summary in class on Friday and had to submit the first two sections of the chapter by the end of the period. The remaining three sections are due b...

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Beginning to document my experience using captain-teach for in-flow peer review

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Captain-teach Day 1
I'm beginning to use the captain-teach system, developed at Brown University, to facilitate peer review while an assignment is in progress. I'm going to pilot using this system on two of my 10th grade sections currently enrolled in AP CS Principles. I have ...

At CS Principles pilot teacher's meeting Trevor Packer, senior VP of AP and Instruction at CollegeBoard reports 25% increase in AP CS A exam participation in SY14-15.  Mean score actually increased from 2.9 to 3.1 on common assessment questions.  He calls this "unheard of" growth coupled with score increase and poses the question to what do we attribute the numbers. 

Also reported:
Female participation growth 20% -> 22%
Minority participation growth 12.5% -> 13%

+Andrew Stillman I'm running a jigsaw style Doctopus assignment for our Spring Hackathon.  Each team member has a part of the final presentation and needs a differentiated doc aligned with their role.  However I want the docs to go to a single folder for each team.  

I want a Doctopus project mode run to distribute folders containing a general READ ME doc to the teams.  I then want the keys from that run to populate the folders for file delivery in my differentiated run for each team member's deliverables. 

I don't see a way to control the folder keys without having Doctopus generate the folder keys.  I don't want individual folders for this one off event.  Can you walk me through setting up my second Doctopus run for delivery into team folders?  Perhaps editing the associtation file?

+Andrew Stillman I just used AutoCrat to generate personalized assessment documents for a class of students.  Can Doctopus ingest these documents so I can get the rich revision data and mange with Goobric?

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Need a little maintenance on multiCal (I still love this little script).  See error message below.  Hoping the Apps Scripts team can take a look. +Andrew Stillman +David Wees 

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