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James Doran
don't mourn, organise
don't mourn, organise
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Who is writing the loser script?
or: why we should remember the past so that we do not repeat it On Remembrance Sunday, I spent a lot of time thinking about my uncle. He didn't die in a war, but he served during the Falklands war between Britain and Argentina. Patrick was in the Navy. I th...

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Meeting the Cabinet
Wednesday, November 25th saw the Tory Chancellor George Osborne deliver his Autumn Statement on the Spending Review. There was no surprise that he announced more cuts as part of his permanent austerity programme - including more cuts to local democracy. Dar...

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Warning of #Pasokification, not yearning for it
People stop me in the street and they ask me how I wrote Pasokification. Actually, they don't. Most people have no idea what I’m banging on about, and those that do usually tell me to shut up about it. Obviously, I refuse. Since Syriza’s election victory th...
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