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Answers to life the universe and every thing starts here
Answers to life the universe and every thing starts here


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parody The Social Network, but the thrust of the satire can be summed up with the age-old cry of parents to their offspring to put that damn thing down and go outside already and make real friends.
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This year I plan on getting a new PC monitor 2560x1440 if the economy doesn't tank due to all the greedy rich hoarding their cash generated by the poor working man!
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Cracked always cracks me up with it's spin/take on life.
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We need to look after one another, people at the top need to care for those at the bottom. In the end you are only hurting yourself. Tim Cook who just signed a new $380 million deal needs to do more for his fellow workers and suppliers workers.
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Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak admits the Android has leapt ahead.
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Picture from flickr =

Distant Comet

Distant Comet I wave goodbye.
Beautiful memories are left behind.
Gazing at the pitch-dark sky,
Charming Comet I hope to find.

You came from dark space.
Silent and flowing glowing light.
All about you is grace.
You are ohhhhh soooo bright.

Nothing but love and admiration.
Your wish is my command.
Space is full of hesitation,
Bound by this silent band.

I will meet you another time.
Many years till you return.
This is gravities only crime.
Nature's way the silent spurn.

She is tied to convention.
We are bound by futures fate.
Wondering where is your destination.
Silent is Nature's Distant Comet.

Copyright ©2012 Michael James Dempsey
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Leibniz fascinates me!

Leibniz sprouted in the seventeenth century
In an era of Spinozian philosophy.
By appearance, the shallow orthodox optimist,
And behind the mask was a deep scientist.

In public he was non-giving, to an couples union,
Like a dove, devoid of human compassion.
In Paris discovered the infinitesimal calculus,
A kin to spotting the beautiful planet Venus.

He was taught neo-scholastic Aristotelism,
Later abandoned it for logical Cartesianism.
Employed to write the history of Brunswick,
Writing in his Leibniz scrawly styled ink.

Monadology and the principles of Nature & grace,
An infinite family of souls in infinite space.
A never-ending hierarchy composed of monads
Each with its own soul and living dance.

Leibniz breeding much logic and debate
In to the great philosophers mind state.
Bringing positive perception into physics,
An extraordinary scientist was Leibniz.

Copyright ©2012 Michael James Dempsey
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Constant and never ceasing River _
Flowing for all of our eternity _____
Unalterable, unbroken, together __
Culminating in what is Infinity _____

Time ongoing Past Present Future _
Past of time gone and going by ___
Present before my mind this lure __
Future what awaits us in the sky __

Star is born from a deceased star _
A Beauty, shining glowing light ___
From gathered dust to thrown a far _
Fixed luminous in the sky at night _

True affections bound by gravity _
In this poly-verse is consistent ___
Through all the ages continuity ___
Love in all its form is Constant ____

Constant free flow of the River ___
Steadfast stream throughout Time __
Love unbroken shining the Star ___
Your my true continuous Constant___

Copyright ©2012 Michael James Dempsey
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Fallen Star you brighten up our sky,
When the Sun sets then darken azure,
Streak of luminous light run on by,
Flowing flawlessly, profile so pure,

Fallen Angel you can no longer fly,
Spirits are at an all time low demure,
Be true to your heart and don't be shy,
Do good deeds devil and then the cure,

Fallen Water fashions our waterfalls,
Washing and rushing forges the river,
Evaporated to the sky, the Sun calls,
Once again rains down upon a weir,

Fallen in love with the worlds beauty,
Our hearts begin to race faster pulse,
We invent what we perceive to be ugly,
Truth be told that fallen love is false,

Fallen together and then falling apart,
Clouds so light and soft, life's cushion,
Gravity creates our end and our start,
Ceaseless life is brought about the Fallen.

Copyright ©2012 Michael James Dempsey
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