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Mark Mruss
Husband, father, developer, home brewer. Focusing on Android Development right now.
Husband, father, developer, home brewer. Focusing on Android Development right now.


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Mega Man 2 - Heat Man Stage

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Mega Man 2 - Air Man's stage

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Mega Man 2 gameplay recorded from a RetroPie

Has anyone else noticed any WiFi issues since upgrading to Android marshmallow?

I have to occasionally go in and out of airplane mode to reconnect to a wireless network.

Hey Google+ long time no so. I'm sorry I've abandoned posting on you. I'll try to stick around this time.

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If you made it to the end of our last podcast (which is a feat of strength unto itself) you were probably wondering what happened to our Apple Music discussion, and whether you would ever get to hear what the incoherent nerds thought about it.

Wonder no longer, part two is here.

We decided to cut the episode into two parts because we felt that it was just too damn long. With that, here is part two, our deep-dive into Apple Music. Listen and enjoy.

Editor’s Note: This discussion happened long before the Taylor Swift Vs Apple music drama so we don’t go over that at all, although it’s fascinating to think how it would have altered our already delirious discussion.

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We’re back talking entirely about Apple’s 2015 WWDC conference. We discuss everything that Apple threw down, and go over the OS X, iOS, Apple Watch, and Apple Music announcements. There was lots to cover on this one folks, so we have a silly time going on longer than normal! It’s WWDC 2015!

+Ben Rogers as a solely-Android person, gets confused by iOS and OSX while +Mark Mruss makes great points about the future of music when we cover Apple Music.

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Another week another Apple Podcast. +The Incoherent Podcast takes on Apple's WWDC event. +Ben Rogers Loves Apple.

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My yard is full of beautiful flowers.

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+The Incoherent Podcast Is back with special guest Daniel W Vadeboncoeur. We talk about a lot of things including Game of War and their terrible ads.
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