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We are the bacon, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.


* brought to you by , because gamers love bacon
* My mentor's book that will help you understand your wife, or at least deal with her crap:
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I think you may have just turned me off bacon forever. :-)
man all the dishes I can make with that, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
We're gonna be needing a ton of bread, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo!
Some one call greggs and tell them to get baking and pass me the hp 
Now THAT'S a beautiful picture! The mark of a great shot is when you can imagine yourself in it. I can imagine myself in that one!
Has Adam from man v food attempted that before?
Need one big roll for that ^^
hahaha my guy friends would totaly love this
That would last me a lifetime!!! That looks so good.
I'd like a side of egg to go with that please!
Yum! Crunchy! Fat and Salt what can be bad about that..........
Damn.... This made me hungry
thats gross i would NEVER eat that!!!
For some reason my first reaction was laughter. It sort of looks like Meatwad.
Yum- save a bit for me!! Bacon parteeeeee!!!!!
I do not wish to resist. Assimilate me, oh great bacon!
Oh I know, it's the new "Bacon Jenga" game
So.. Much.. Bacon! Oh god, I'd like to see someone gouge that down their throat!
It makes my mouth water just looking at it.
Makes me want to puke. Sorry, but I do not eat sentient creatures.
its a devils look. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Ah! I can smell the bacon through my monitor. It's looking real good ;)
dude i love bacon andthat is cool bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if eat that much bacon rite there you will
be sick for ever lol
i bet animal activest won't be happy happy about that so much!!!
Whoever put the "s" in "fast food" was stupid! Lol
Yes but they are also wonderful to EAT!
oh my godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd! heaven
i bet you i could EAT ALL THAT WITH A SMILE
Meat is murder ...tasty, tasty murder.
Oh to have that on my table for breakfeast...
"We will add your biological and technological crispiness to our own."
I'm having a heart attack just looking at this!
I don't dispute that pigs are adorable. I've been around a lot. But they are also DELICIOUS. Sorry animal activists, you can't get past that fact. Also, pork is not murder since murder is the killing of a human being by another human being. Meat is awesome. You might not like eating it but don't you dare tell me that I'm committing a first degree felony by eating pork chops.
oh herro, where i come from we eat tripe and goat penis.
thats so much bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lots of hogs contributed.
this is why HBP is on the rise........................yuck!!!!!
That is enough to fill my pillow case.... MMMMMM... Sleeping on bacon, sounds like a dream to me!
Pri Pri
Wowzers now that's a mountain of bacon...I've gone to a happy place just thinking about it.
i could eat all of that 4 breakfest
Sweet God of Bacon! Look at all the greasy goodness :)p
I need about 20 loaves of bread to make Blt sandwiched . I love it.
Wonder if anyone could actually eat all that by themselves!!?
Whooooa! I have never seen that much bacon!
Looks like the stack they have at Red Mill Burgers here in Seattle...
Why didn't you ask me for another couple of trays? This way the the grand spoils would fall all around you.
Wow...I can taste it as I post..
I wish it was in my mouth!! I love bacon!!
If I am the epicurean, would you be my master-chef? If I said You Had a Beautiful Body, would you hold it against me?
that looks sssoooooo good!!!!
How do we cook all in 5 minutes. Rum refuses to wait longer says this bum
i loveee bacon omg so much bacon....bacon heaven
I am dying of bacon hunger. I have no tomorrow.
holy COW.... looks yummy lol
Oh sweet God my arteries are closing up just looking at that
Bacon strips&
Bacon strips&
Bacon strips&
Bacon strips&
Bacon strips&
Bacon strips&
Bacon strips&
Bacon strips&
Not to excited about pork unless its pork chops
i love you mical bonna
haha Love the caption!
You will be experiencing a heart attack. Don't eat the Collective.
doesn't look too appetizing i must say, enough to make you quit pork completely!
I think that the smell of bacon is better than the actual taste. (Yes, now we shall have chaos...)
That's a heart attack waiting to happen... sshhheesh.
Looks so yummy, I am already feeling hungry!!
Let's see... the sedentary lifestyle of the addicted gamer plus copious amounts of bacon, means early death. Planned obsolescence.
that looks so good. i can have that at my party
sunny b
Heart Attack in a Pan !!!
ernest hemingway would stick that in his bhole if ud toss his salad
Bacon is a Gift of God that Gladdens the hearts of men.
I, a very tiny woman, want to sit in front of that mighty pile of fat, grease, and certain death, and let my face fall in and remain there unto my death. mmmm
Actaully its the bacon that will be assimilated. Looks taisty
now thats a BOSS LOAD of bacon ........ I want that much bacon so bad!!!!!!!!
That's one heck of a visual heart attack.
Somewhere under that pile is the original Whopper they ordered. Burger Kings takes "Have it your way" very seriously.
I will take two. For lunch a heart attack. jk :)
wwwwoooowww.... why would you want just one strip. Ill take the whole thing please.
thats a heart attack waiting to happen if you ate that lot
what are you talking about that looks delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyone need a doctor fast here's the solution
and you eat
and you die
that is too much BACON! I like bacon but if I ate that much I would hate it
ian ott
i want that that freaking awesome
omigosh! looking at this pic makes me HUNGRYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Delicious death by crispy bacon. mmmmmh cellulite
HolyShit, best meal ever.
OMG... that looks like a Bacon heaven! I hope there's bacon in heaven... because that looks DEVINE!
1 strip for everyone here except those haters of bacon
HOLY cow who patiently stacked that up and didn't eat it
WOW! I'd have eaten it not just left it there!! Wouldn't last long enough to take a picture!!
i want it all in a blt!2 joints and ill eat it to the face thats church.
I saw this in the cafeteria at the Dayton V.A. this morning.
Finally, an eating challenge that makes total sense!
OMGosh that's nasty my heart hurts just lookin at that!
you know who brings home the bacon in this family
Is that a death row inmates last meal?
liv dav
woah lots of bacon nice
Can I get a side off eggs over easy with that
This is what my dogs dreams look like! LoL
It needs a grilled cheese on each side... yum.
Mmmmmmmmmm............just nom nom and nom again.
Bri Boo
sigh bacon.... though i love you, i would never be able to finish you...
It's bacon; meat candy; the sweetest of all delictables! Greasy, crunchy, strip of pure love!

I dub you, Baconloaf!
I for one welcome our new #bacon overlords
awersome! LOVE bacon. move over bacon, now there's somethin meatier!!!
Yumm!! I hope the bacon is well cooked!! :) I like crispy bacon!!!
Damn I think my arteries just clogged up looking at the pic..Heh.
that must b over 100 pices of bacon
BMW i8
that fricken awesome
Missing = a bun, lettuce and tomato !!! Otherwise THE PERFECT 'wich !!!
Josh can u eat all these for breakfast?
Why would I resist? My only purpose is to serve the #bacon, my only goal is to become one with the bacon.
sad for the piggies , rest in my tummy
Ironically, your last name is Colon.
Good & bad all in the same sight. A Muslims nightmare???
i'd rip that up (only the top layer, then i'd have a heart attack)
EPIC!!!! MEAL!!!! TIME!!!!! #Meatcandy
man mcdonalds wouldn't even serve that!!!
Mona P
OMG, that's a heart attack waiting to happen!
i could eat that all by myself lol!!!!!!! yeah right
looks like somebodys gonna get a heart attack
i love bacon bacon bacon bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy Crap!! That is a lot of Bacon!! A person can live on that for almost a year. maybe depends on how many mouths you are feeding or how much you use in a meal!!
I'm delighted with this view ... it make me very hungry
I hear angels singing Hallelujah.
...yeah yeah yeah... name is pronounced "Cologne"... like "Cristobal Colon" aka "Christopher Columbus"...
Looks too crispy..I like mine just cooked
I love to eat baccon it's delicouse
I just died and went to heaven!!!
the FOOOOD!!!!! of phat good in yo face ppl that wish to eat this
bacon sooooooooooooo goooooooooog !!!!!!!!!!!
bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips
thats a lot of fucken bacon, lol, my sister woud eat it, fuck yeah
Look at all that bacon... I weight 85 lbs what do you expect. And 5'7 frogot to mention that
Enough bacon here to carry over heart disease to your next life o_0
Oh, I love bacon so much, I could get all of that with some cheesy grits or homefries
OY, this just made me twitch...that's 3x today this photo has done that to me.
though it looks tasty .. its still remains unclean.
i love bacon but thats a little to much
cant get over it so much bacon I WANT IT !!!!!!!!! :^)
Yea can i have that........ With a side of bacon. 
The reason why americans are how they are, maybe?
Max ium
lol Michael hoover on to something here guys
Max ium
but then again nice bacon guys CX
Art Q
Baconaters, we must all unite! For I shall declare today to be the start of Bacon's Rebellion, who's with me?!
I'm with ya Art Quezada!
Instead of a "Baby on Board" sign, I want to make a custom one with strips of baon making the outline of the triangle and then have it say "Bacon on Board". Personally I think that'd be pretty cool salute to our tasty friend. :)
i think i gained fifty pounds and possibly almost had a heart attack just by glancing at this picture!
Bacon is the food of the gods... the prime ingredient in a healthy balanced diet, the ambrosia of mortal everlasting life. The beginning and the end of every decent meaningful day.

So say we all...
but if you eat that will become fatter than the earth
OMG i love bacon but not that much
Bacon do you mind but I'm going to eat you... BACON!!!!!!!
j Ram
wow i couldeatfor days
Thats My EveryDay Life……………………………I Wish
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