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Adam Colon

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Simple comment addressing all these "ancient technology" claims:
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence"

Extraordinary evidence, interpretation of symbols and glyphs is not extraordinary evidence.

The modern machines have been explained definitively as being two layers of glyphs from two different times overlayed on each other.

Adam Colon

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omfg... ok, i'm hooked... you f'ing rock!

Adam Colon

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WOW! So Damn Epic!!!

Adam Colon

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Google just gave me a free epic waffle in DUMBO, Brooklyn

All I had to do was play their image search game. They spin the wheel and it came up with the phrase "A Bridge" and all i had to do was find a picture of a bridge on my personal photos to get a Large Waffle!

This is the tastiest waffle I've ever had in my life.

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Wow, cool! I guess that's part of how they're training their image database to be smarter?
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Adam Colon

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Adam Colon

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I'm a little confused... you said that you think the pyramids were Ancient technology that generated energy... but you don't explain the basis for that belief.

I'm going to look at your other videos to see if you explain it.

Adam Colon

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I don't know whether to laugh or cry, man.... too close to home
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