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Get Lost, You Nerd!
Get Lost, You Nerd!


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Due to staffing availability and involvement in other projects, it looks like the next Hub Crawl has been pushed back to Spring 2014. Sorry, crawlies.
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After a period of about, oh, ten months, the Ninja Staff awaken from their multiseason-spanning slumber to begin planning the 2013 Hub Crawl.

And because we value your input, we would like for you to weigh in on the date of this next event: either June 15 or June 22

Why so late this year? Actually this is the earliest the Ninja Staff are available to run things. And even then, we have new ninja in our staffy midsts this go-round!

Help us choose a date by +1ing the date or dates that work for you in the comments below! Please +1 both dates if you're good with both. Votes accepted until March 11.
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In case you haven't heard, the 2012 Hub Crawl was a successful event! Saturday was a beautiful sunny day for an urban photo scavenger hunt event (with puzzles) and it certainly beat the pants off of the prevailing weather conditions of the 2011 event. In total, we had a record-breaking 20 teams sign up with 18 teams participating (last year we had 14). Counting Ninja Staff, that's a grand total of 71 people! Rockin'!

Big, big thanks to our awesome Sponsor Ninja: Editorialicious (, Listful Thinking (, OoO Tie (, SitckyGram ( and Photojojo ( It is only with the generosity of these fine folks that the Hub Crawl was able to offer not only nifty first, second and third place prizes but prizes up to 6th place as well as door prizes and kitschy, fun giveaways.

This Hub Crawl had 67 participants, split up between 18 teams (some of which were 3-member teams), vying for a total possible 16,450 points:

1st Place: 13,475 points
This Space Intentionally Left Blank

2nd Place: 10,925 points
If This Were Easy, It Would Be Your Mom

3rd Place: 8,550 points
The Free Democratic Republic of Altair

4th Place: 8,300 points
Jumping Amazing Super Optimistic Noodle Squad

5th Place: 8,200 points
The Michael Bolton Experience

6th Place: 7,925 points
Team Awesome

For a complete list of the 2012 Hub Crawl Final Standings, go to:

We've begun posting our photos of the event over on our Flickr pool. Let's see yours! Show other teams (besides the one who tallied you) as well as the Hub Crawl Ninja Staff see the photo-documented evidence of your hijinks. If you have a Flickr account, please add to our Flickr pool: If you don't have a Flickr account, send us your photos and we'll post it there for you! We really want to see your captures!

For the most part, messages from us are only going out to Team Captains and whomever it is that registered your team. Should you or any other member of your team desire to be on our mailing list, please contact us stating so.

We are always trying to improve the urban photo scavenger hunt (with puzzles!) experience. It is only with your feedback that the event continues to evolve. Team Captains will be contacted shortly directing them to our Event Feedback Form and we would really, really like to hear about your team's experience. Should you non-captains want to throw in your two cents as well, let us know and we will include you in that distribution list, as well.

Thanks again for making the Hub Crawl not only possible but a successful event.

P.S.: We have a couple shirts (Men's XL) folks can still buy! Let us know!
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Going all the way back to 2009, back to when the Hub Crawl was just an invite-only event, we have this puzzle. See if you can defeat its crisscrossy wiles and arrive at the solution!

Download the full PDF:
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Here's a little variation on the standard crossword puzzle from the 2010 Hub Crawl. These are so much fun to design. Think you can figure out the solution phrase for the puzzle below?

Download the full PDF:
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For the final 3 days leading up to the 2012 Hub Crawl, we will be posting Token Puzzles from previous years to get folks ready and amped up for the event. Consider it puzzle practice or just a simple way to occupy your afternoon as you (im)patiently await the arrival of saturday. See if you can figure out the solution phrase from this 2011 Hub Crawl Token Puzzle!

Download the full PDF:
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The first ever official event tshirts came in today!

The Ninja Staff variety is, of course, in black, which is stealthy and mysterious. The Crawler variety is in a nice iris blue and looks a lot more like our logo and, because of the two blues, just better all around. And I wasn't about to model a blue shirt because, well, ew? That's someone's shirt!

These shirts were part of the pre-registration offer, giving those who registered and paid early the opportunity to get one of these bad boys at a steep discount. We have a small handful of extra shirts that we will be selling at the event. Get 'em while they last!
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It's a mere four days until the Hub Crawl. What is your team doing to prepare? How are you going to approach the puzzle portion of the game or the photo scavenger hunt part? What can you do to make the most of the event?

Whether you are new to the Hub Crawl or consider yourself an old hand at it by now, here are some great tips collected by both participants and Ninja Staff that might help you come May 12th:

Come Up With A Plan
-> Make an effort not to wander or double back.
Some teams find it helpful to plot a course once they know what Locales make up the event. They inspect the map closely as soon as those team packets are open and figure out their route before all else. How you approach this can depend on what token puzzles you solve first or which Locale is the farthest from (or closest to) the Rally Point.

-> Determine whether or not your team will split up.
There are advantages and disadvantages to both, of course (namely, the ability to travel quickly and in parallel versus the ability to max out the member bonus per capture). Decide what tactic your team should employ. Perhaps you do a little of both.

-> Figure out how much time you're going to spend puzzle solving.
Token Puzzles take time and concentration but you've got to be out there running around and grabbing photo-captures. So how will you manage to accomplish both? Do you immediately drop everything at the beginning of the event and bang out each and every one of the puzzles? Do you immediately go for the captures and then try to do Token Puzzles en route? Or do you allow yourself a set amount of time and see which puzzle gets solved first, indicating the direction your team should immediately then go in?

Bring Stuff
-> Bring another pencil.
While you will be provided with a pencil along with your team packet, it won't hurt to bring at least one more. And maybe an eraser (one of those big ones). If you bring a pen (which we don't recommend as your sole writing implement), try to bring a pencil as well. It may help to have both on hand.

-> Keep your well-being in mind,
You'll be out and about for the better part of the afternoon. It may be a good idea to bring a snack or something to drink or even sun block, sun glasses or a hat to protect you from those pesky UV rays. At the very least, make sure you're wearing comfy shoes. Your feet will thank you later.

-> You're only limited by what you're willing to carry.
You may find it helpful to bring one of those nifty thesaurus-slash-dictionaries for quick reference. Or one of those foldy maps of the local area. Or even a clipboard (if only because you can never find a writing surface when you need one). Or you could just bring your smartphone.

Ask Questions
-> It doesn't cost anything to get clarification.
Confused about something? Ask. Unsure if the Token you are looking for has disappeared? Ask. Is that a typo in the puzzle? Ask. You can always find the Ninja Staff at the Rally Point in case you have questions. And you can even reach them via phone or Twitter.

-> Get help on puzzles.
You can always ask for a Hint. Hints, though, penalize you points so the first thing Ninja Staff will do is ask you what you've figured out and from there will determine if you need a Hint or a slight Nudge in the right direction (which is free). They will always inform you whether or not the information that they are about to share with you will cost you anything.

-> Extra materials.
Depending on event attendance, we will very likely have extra maps or gamesheets on hand. Maybe even extra puzzle sheets. If you need an extra copy of any of these, just ask. It's not like we're making an origami army of cranes with the extras or anything.

Check out the link below for our complete list of helpful tips (there is way more than what's presented here).

Do you have any helpful tips to add?
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