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Robert Kappenhagen
Hi, just happy to be here
Hi, just happy to be here


Alright, maybe someone here can help me.

+NASA has a mission called the Asteroid Redirect Mission. In which they use a robotic space vehicle to capture and place an asteroid in orbit around the moon.  That's the part I know.

Now to quench my curiosity. What effect would that asteroid have on both the Moon and Earth?

Pure speculation on my part, but adding something to the orbit of the Moon is obviously going to have an effect on the rotation and perhaps the orbit of the Moon around Earth.

If there is an action on the orbit and rotation of the moon, it's going to have some effect on the Earth.

I've been scouring the web trying to find an answer for this and I can't.  So maybe someone can help me here? I NEED TO KNOW. Not really, I just really want to know.

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+Fraser Cain created an app called "Phases of the Moon".  I decided to give it a go a few days ago and I absolutely love this app.  Constant updates on what type of phase the moon is in and it includes the distance to the moon. You can also check dates in the future or in the past to see what phase the moon is or was in.  It really is a cool app for .99 cents and it gives me the ability to plan out my time with the telescope.

It's in the play store and I am sure there is an iTunes version of it, i just don't have any apple devices.

Here is the link to the play store so you can check it out!

I am looking for a good book about human evolution. Something that goes into depth but is still easy enough for me to understand.

I understand the premise of it, I am just craving more information about it.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Hey LOOK! I am using Internet Explorer!!!!  Of course I am using it to download a different browser, but use is use, right?

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You know why I love +NASA? Because they do stuff like this, with such a limited budget.  They have always, and will continue to amaze me.

Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror

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This is a friend from high school. This is what he is doing with his life, running a mountain bike rental/touring/retail company in Morocco.  This is the video he posted to advertise.  The scenery is simply amazing, so if you're in that area, you should hit him up. Completely nice guy too.

 Rockin' Moroccan Biking

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Just a few of the photos. Got some more on my phone I may upload later.
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Just got back from a nice relaxing vacation with the parents to the coast of Maine. Will upload pictures as soon as I can actually find my camera.
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