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One of a kind sokoban experience
One of a kind sokoban experience


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Zenania website is up and running, go check it out. If you like Zenania don't forget to like and share it.
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Zenania is a one of a kind sokoban experience with a sprinkle of Zen. Simple, yet mind boggling at the same time. A spatial puzzle game that aims to make you look at spatial problems from a very different and non obvious perspective, in ways you may have never conceived of before. Think you are smart? Try getting all the Blue Wisdom Gems in this game. With each new Wisdom Gem you attain you may have a chance to unlock the inner Zen wisdom that lies dormant within you.
If you are one those completion-ists, who loves challenge and craves for 100% completion status, you are in for a treat. Puzzles with multiple solutions and numerous gemstones to attain, Zenania will keep you coming back to it long after solving all the puzzles. Whether you are someone who is deeply invested in puzzle games or vaguely interested in what this genre offers, this is an excitingly rewarding experience that you do not want to miss.

Why You Should Buy The Full Version
59 challenging yet deeply rewarding puzzles to solve
Out of the box thinking, one of a kind Zen puzzle solving experience
Around 5+ hours of puzzle solving
Countless valuable gems to attain
Exquisite HD Artwork
Soothing and relaxing music
High replay value
With rich puzzles, high replay value and beautiful music. Zenania is a must own title in any puzzle lover's collection.

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Try The Zenania Experience For Free
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Get The Full Zenania Experience
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