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so my new pass time is just bullying cleverbot.

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well, fox better not fuck this one up, that's all imma say.
Presenting the newest official motion poster from Hugh's upcoming film, The Wolverine:

Photo: 20th Century Fox

fuck i really don't wanna go back to work today :/ but it's drug money.

got out of school yesterday and had to work for 12 goddamn hours and then come back here on no sleep and i have to do that shit again tonight right after school. if i wanna fucking sleep, im gonna fucking sleep.

boredom, go away. you and that damn bastard sobriety

so i probably have a 14 hour work day thursday afterschool. fuck.

all i want is some damn rest Dx

man for christmas, i want a big ass dog.

fuck, sober on autistic tuesday Dx

so im sittin here thinkin. maybe,... just... just maybe.. smoking both lemon amnesia and regular kind bud was a little bit much
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