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International Space Station on a football field.

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This week, +Kester Tong and I gave a talk at #SciPy201  about PNaCl, Python, scientific Python, why we'd want to do this, and the amazing work on coLaboratory that he, +Kayur Patel and their team have worked on with +Fernando Perez , +Brian Granger , +Min RK and the rest of the IPython team.  I was pretty happy with the talk, and pretty excited about the possibilities, but more than anything else, I'm honored to have worked with such an amazing group of people -- both the ones I've named here, and the +Portable Native Client (PNaCl) team, especially the ever-patient +Sam Clegg.

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I'm not seeing it shared in this community yet, but +Josh Wilson has put together a nice crowdsourced list of extra Google I/O events going on this week.  Definitely worth checking out, and a number of the hacker labs/open houses/after parties don't require an I/O badge. 

Also worth noting, there's a tab from last year's stuff too, if you're trying to remember what worked for you personally, and what didn't.

Link to live spreadsheet:

#IO2014   #IO14   #GoogleIO  

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A cell undergoing mitosis

Cell Reproduction

Interphase: Period of growth and replication of DNA. (90% of cell’s life). 
G1 Phase: Period of regular growth; mitochondria and chloroplasts multiply.  
Synthesis: DNA is replicated (semi-conservative replication).
G2 Phase: Another period of growth in preparation of dividing. 

Prophase: Nuclear membrane breaks down, DNA condenses, spindle fibers appear. 

Metaphase: Chromosomes align and attached to spindle fibers. 

Anaphase: Sister chromatids (DNA) are split apart to either pole of the cell by the pulling of spindle fibers. 

Telophase: Nuclear membrane forms around DNA, chromosomes decondense, spindle fibers break down. 

Cytokineses: Cytoplasm divides. 

And the new cells start the cell cycle once more! 

Watch the video >>

Gif source >>

#biology #cells_mitosis #science
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OK. If there is one video you watch this month, this should be it: it is 13 minutes of your life which will be well-spent. Because at the end of it, you will actually know what is going on with net neutrality, (or as he calls it, "preventing cable company fuckery") and exactly what the sleazy deals are behind it, but you will also be laughing your ass off, because John Oliver is hilarious.

Net neutrality is kind of amazing, because destroying it manages to screw over almost everyone.

Small companies get screwed over because they can't afford to pay off the cable companies to get access to their customers. Oh, you had an idea for a business using the Internet? Well, I hope your business plan includes a few million bucks to pay for your customers to be allowed to reach your site.

Big companies get screwed over because they're shaken down for (literally) billions of dollars by cable companies -- "That's a nice business you have there. Pity if someone were to make sure your customers could never reach you again" -- and that's assuming that the cable companies don't see them as competitors (if, say, they were doing something like streaming video...), at which point those companies could just shut them off outright.

People who use the Internet get screwed because the sites they want to connect to can't pay these extra fees, or are just being shut down outright by the cable companies. What, you wanted to watch a movie tonight? Sorry. Maybe you should have rented it from Comcast, instead, sucker!

In fact, nearly everyone in the entire country gets screwed over by this. So why, you ask, would the government be considering such a thing? 

Well. There is one group who doesn't get screwed over by it at all. Your friends and mine at Comcast, Time-Warner, Verizon, and AT&T. But don't worry; they have your best interests at heart. And the service guy will be there between 2 and 6. 



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You can actually see sound waves as they travel through the air thanks to a clever photographic trick! Great visualization.

What are some modern multi system monitoring tool (like Nagios)? #devops #lazyweb #python #linux

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