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J. Dinero is a Pakistani-American Rapper born on December 3rd, 1987 at Ft. Belvior Hospital in Quantico, VA. Dinero always loved music growing up. While living in Maryland during his middle school years J.Dinero would visit Baltimore to see his older cousin, Joe Capone, who used to listen Hip-hop and being young Dinero caught an ear for it and loved how it sounded.  “I would listen to rappers and imitate their flows”-J.Dinero.  With motivation from peers J.Dinero started pushing towards making music more than a hobby.  His father sang during his youth J.Dinero moved from house to house living up and down the east coast for the next few years.    He continued to write and work on his flow until situations in the streets took his time away from music. Despite the passion for music a string of bad choices placed Dinero in a situation where he was facing criminal charges and left with the option to choose between jail or the military. Dinero’s lawyer was able to persuade the Judge to grant an expunged record if he did in fact join the US armed forces and Dinero agreed.

“When I got there everyone thought I was Spanish, boot camp is like jail but worse, reason being in jail you’re going to know somebody in there, when you’re in the boot camp your put in a room of 60 people from all over the US. And everyone shits, showers, and shaves together everyday.  Beef even arises in those initial situations but it doesn’t matter how hard you are you have to know when to humble yourself. when everything is taken away.” –J.Dinero

Since J.Dinero’s parents are both from Pakistan there was a lot of discrimination in the beginning. “They all gave me a hard time till they knew me. I told them I’m busting my gun for the same people you are busting your gun for. America was built off immigration. There was a little bit of tension, but no matter where you from, your history, for the next couple of months we all wearing the same color boots. After that it made me realize the real reason I joined the army was to be a better man. The military made me a more well-rounded person and helped me see things from everyone else’s perspective while still understanding how everyone perceives me”. In the military I could relate, it was on the same basis of being in the street and being with the people your most closest to are like a unit. I gained Enhanced responsibility, better decision making, and the ability to pick and choose my wars.  Before any action you have to consider is it going to benefit your family in a good way and bad way. It made me a better man, before anyone would come and pop shit and I would say you got your gun so what I got my gun too. I will still defend myself if I have to but it taught me how to walk away as well”. –J.Dinero

J.Dinero sees some of his influence in his father. “Even though he wasn’t always there I knew he was out there putting food on the table for my family.  Not one day went by where I didn’t have food to eat or a place to live” –J.Dinero

Dinero also looks to all of his older brothers who taught him a lot of things necessary to progress in life. As far as musicians Dinero adamantly says that Eminem is his favorite rapper of all time,  “not what he says it  but his word play and technique is crazy and to come out of hard situations and adjust is really the core of a great artist”. –J.Dinero

Other influences include Pac, Biggie, Nas, Cassidy, Canibus, Stack Bundles, Big Pun and many more.

After leaving the army with a failure to adapt to authority suspension.  Dinero went to NYC where he started to slowly slip back into the lifestyle he had before the military.  Despite his involvement he strived for a better path to reach success.  In the Fall of 2010 he was able to hook up with his cousin Arun S. Ali, better known as Al Grindstein, who was a producer in the DMV area. 

“I saw it in him. He had the look, the credibility, and the confidence.  There was no fear in him.  I felt like I could build him up lyrically with working hard in the studio, and constant reading of the Thesaurus and Dictionary.  The development of an artist takes time but its understanding the determination and passion of an aspiring artists that draws me to them.  He works hard and never shows any sense of giving up.  It will take time to reach a level of greatness, but if he never stops he will continue to get better.” – Al Grindstein

Dinero prepares for his debut Ep entitled “Welcome to Swagistan” which will be dropping December 3rd.  “Life is a Stairway to heaven. You can either make it to the top or fall off the stairs”. –J.Dinero


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