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Dallas based full-spectrum web design and marketing agency
Dallas based full-spectrum web design and marketing agency

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#Facebook  admins need to be on the lookout for a Page Verification scam. Just remember, never give your facebook email/password to any page outside of 

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Neat video on Google #Glass
 +Dan McLaughlin, one of the first people to receive Google #Glass , only has one pair of the device, but he is using it to show us the packaging and contents of the Google Glass box.

It's one of the first real-world usages of Google Glass, and the video — unearthed by Droid Life and recorded in 720p resolution — is a perfect example of how Google Glass can be useful.

Let's face it: unboxing videos aren't easy to record with a fixed camera, and having a cellphone or a camera in your hand while trying to unbox the product with another is a nightmare. With Google Glass, you have both your hands free, and the entire process looks easy as pie.

Full story on +Mashable

#crushiq   #glass   #glassexplorer  +Project Glass  #googleglass   #projectglass   #googleglassproject   #googleglassexplorers  +Tim Moore 

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#Artists looking to showcase your work? A printing business would be willing to buy art or give a % for prints

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Too funny, have a safe Easter weekend!
If your kids are getting a new #Wii  from the Easter bunny, we've got you covered!

Happy Passover!

Our company is looking to recruit a web design/development intern. We are looking for someone who loves design and isn't afraid of the technical side of things. Internship will be paid and our recruit will learn the latest tricks of the trade from experienced web developers. Let me know if you or anyone you know in the #Dallas   area is interested.

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See what some brands are doing to create buzz on Instagram  

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Say hello to our new clients, +ACME Glass & Tinting , if you need glass repairs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area give them a call
Like these folks realize, broken glass is no laughing matter ask us about our 10% discount!  

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RT @wsj: The most valuable social-media tool for small businesses? In a new survey, 41% said it was LinkedIn.
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