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Jason Roseberry

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Tips for Parents of Connected Teenagers
If you have a teenager in your life, there is an excellent chance they are using technology to access social media and online resources.  A recent Pew Research Report found that 95% of teens are “online.”  Having a connected device at home for learning can ...

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Pushing Trains, Sailing Boats
As a Director of eLearning, I am in the business of partnering with school leadership teams to launch and move initiatives involving curriculum, assessment, and instruction. Before beginning work with any district, I always share that, “I’m not here to dri...

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Bringing the Awesome
I, like all parents I know, have a desire to find the one thing that my kids are flat-out awesome at - that sport or activity that will come to define them as a person and, further more, result in a full college scholarship, professional career, and, of cou...

Howdy!  My name is Jason Roseberry and I am honored to be part of this brain trust.  I work with school districts all over the state to ensure the integration of instructional technology maintains a clear focus on student learning.  Looking forward to sharing!

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No Teacher Left Behind
“There is no doubt that our students will one day have ubiquitous access to technology.  There IS reason to doubt that they will have ubiquitous access to a teacher capable of using technology to reinforce student learning” (Lawless and Pellegrino, 2007). W...

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#Hashtag - Your Day Has Come #notcool #overkill #killingtheEnglishlanguage
When tech-geeks take over the world, there are some "cool" things that we take too far.  Hashtags - your time has come.
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