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Rabbi Steven Moskowitz
I am the rabbi of Congregation L'Dor V'Dor on Long Island's North Shore.
I am the rabbi of Congregation L'Dor V'Dor on Long Island's North Shore.

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My Son's Graduation Viewed Through the Torah
For Jews, our most sacred object is the Torah scroll. Every synagogue has at least one. We stand when the scroll is taken from the Ark. We chant its verses at services. We study its words, week in and week out, poring over its stories and rules in searc...

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Advice for Our Leaders
We read this week: “Moses spoke to the heads of the Israelite tribes, saying…” (Numbers 30:2) It is rare that the Torah addresses the leaders rather than the people as a whole. In most instances the Torah states instead, “Moses spoke to the people, saying...

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Give the Keys Away
Christians consider Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulcher sacred. It is there that they believe Jesus was crucified, buried and later resurrected from the dead. And yet the many denominations that comprise Christianity do not always agree about how thi...

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Sailing on Dreams
Today, I am grateful to have rediscovered a twofold blessing. First of all I am thankful to my congregation and its leaders for recognizing that its rabbi must renew his learning and refresh his spirit every year. I do so by attending the Shalom Hartman Ins...

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Disagreements and Likes
There is a disturbing trend that is becoming ever more prevalent. It centers on disagreement. We have forgotten how to debate. We surround ourselves with like-minded people. With the click of a mouse we can unfriend those with whom we disagree. We find ...

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Soccer, Torah and Life
The Israeli novelist, Etgar Keret, writes: I love soccer because it is so painfully similar to life: slow, unjust, fairly random, usually boring, but always holding out the hope that, at some moment, however brief, everything will come together and take on ...

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Selfies and Spies
“Don’t tag me in that photo; I look fat,” a friend once said. In this social media age, we are especially cognizant of how we appear to others. Perhaps that is Snapchat’s appeal. The image is fleeting. It is shared with only a select group of friends. O...

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Shira, She-Ra and Wonder Woman
Some twenty-four years ago when my daughter Shira was born my mother announced her new granddaughter’s name to her high school English class. One of the students said, “You mean like She-Ra, princess of power.” My mother responded, “No. As in the Hebrew ...

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Sparks of Holiness
The Levites were divided into three clans: Gershonites, Merarites and Kohathites. They were charged with the priestly duties. Some of these tasks apparently required some heavy lifting. So Moses gave the Gershonites two carts and four oxen and to the Mer...

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My Relationship with a Tree
It was many, many years ago that I read the line, “I consider a tree.” In Martin Buber’s I and Thou. And it was as well not until many, many years later that I understand its import, if only partially. Buber, the great 20th century Jewish philosopher, argue...
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