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Kevin Clem
House Dad and Geek Dad Extraordinaire
House Dad and Geek Dad Extraordinaire

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Can somebody point me in the direction of some tutorials? I want to add places that are not businesses and cant seem to find an option to do so. There are a lot of open spaces, parkways, trail heads and such the I know well and they are not on the map. Maybe my problem is that I am trying from my desktop? I'm sure the interface is easy - its just not intitive. 

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Hi everyone! I actually live near Sacramento, but this bay area group seems to be the closest to me. I have two kiddos a 7yo girl and a 3yo boy; and am lucky enough to be a stay at home dad. We mostly adventure around the North/Western parts of the Sierra's but are always open for trying new places.


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Holy violence... NSFW
New Slayer video! 

Are you Repentless? 

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