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Jonathan Davis
Photography Keeps Me Out of Trouble
Photography Keeps Me Out of Trouble

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Currently in love with Alfred after being a longtime Launchbar user. What are your favorite or essential Alfred workflows?

How do people backup there photos?

I use both Dropbox (w Hazel into auto add folder to Lightroom) and Google Photos. My mom and sister need their photos backed up and seemingly don't wanna pay for more iCloud storage. Looking for solutions. Mom and sister have limited Dropbox space.

How much do you spend per month or year on apps for your Mac/iOS? 

What are people's favorite duplicate managers for Mac? Leaning towards Gemini 2 but want to hear about other opinions or apps.

I accidentally deleted texts from a friend on my iPhone. Also conveniently don't have iCloud backup enabled in my phone... Is there any hope to recover these texts which are mostly iMessages?

People who manage their finances, how do you budget when apps are either one big purchase, say $20 or more or monthly but for the whole year (Sanebox $99)? 

Just wanted to say that the difference after replacing my aging White Macbook 2010 regular HD with an SSD drive is night and day, life is so much faster and the computer doesn't lead me to more frustration. Mac Power Users, your awesome and I'm forever grateful to be surrounding by people who care as much about Apple products as me!

So I'm currently student teaching. My issue is task management. I am a big user of Omnifocus and GTD. For student teaching though I've just captured tasks in a Google Doc and Wunderlist. Should I keep this system or transfer stuff to Omnifocus for one system? I like the separation personally but not sure how I feel. Also realizing that many of my Omnifocus tasks aren't super urgent.

So I love using dictation software to write papers and such for school. I'm in college. I'm finding that I have to proof errors and content extensively though because how I speak is not academic or succinct to writing a paper. In this case is Dragon even worth the time savings until I have to proof and such?

What are people using for there iOS email app?
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