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The crazy European living in Africa
The crazy European living in Africa


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People are still wondering about the ROI of Social Media. 
When will they stop?

No such thing. You cannot give a monetary value to a relationship. 
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Wird mir bald grad recht kommen..... :) 

(It's about the location of my soon to be office....)
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My first online only workshop! Join for strategy discussion on using social media for small businesses. 
For the first time this well received workshop will be offered entirely online via Google Hangout! 

The exact same content as in the usual offline workshop will be presented, however in this case via a G+ hangout with a maximum of 9 participants. 

To find out all the details of whether this workshop per se is the right one for you please go to this website:

The hangout will work in 3 sessions, after every hour we will take a 10-15 minute break before we continue. You must have the ability to hear and speak via your pc to participate. If you are interested in attending please add yourself here to this event. Bettina will contact you directly to sort out enrolment. 

If you have never done a Hangout before Bettina will be available before the workshop to help you set this up technically. You will need an ADSL line and preferably a headset and webcam. 

Special rate for this online workshop: R250 (±$25) per participant. Please note the printed booklet is not included in this workshop. You can download the e-version here: 
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Facebook ads are the new flyers

My musings on this topic in my latest blog post. I include some figures from one of the last campaigns where I sent Facebook ads in direct "competition" with print flyers.
No guesses who won ;-)

It's a topic any business should have a look closely at but particularly local businesses and solopreneurs really can't go without them. The audience is there and it can be reached in an affordable way. 
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Content/Inbound marketing software: hot new developments

There's a tremor in the online world happening right now and I'm very excited about it, to say the least. It concerns marketing automation software that is affordable for particularly small businesses. 

As a Hubspot partner I am a huge fan of their software, and it is definitely the best out there in the market today in my opinion (opinion as I don't know all the others in as much detail). One problem I always encounter, is affordability. Even for me, as a consultant working on her own, it's not an easy decision.

If you want the necessary functionality you need for good inbound marketing (workflows e.g.) you need to go with the professional version and that starts at $800 (pm) for 1,000 contacts. Which is simply out of reach for most smaller operations and certainly solopreneurs. 

What other options are out there? So far the only way to go was to use individual software solutions for the various needs. Personally I whip Mailchimp into submission to create some "workflowesk" scenarios (Hubspot's workflow tool is superb) using the Mailchimp hairball extension for some serious list segmenting. But it's clunky at best. Not as elegant as Hubspot for sure. 

When it comes to keyword research and related items you head to Google and if you're more serious you might invest in some of the specialist tools out there. Then there's Google Analytics for knowing what works and what not. Unbound & co for landing pages. And so forth. It's all scattered and takes an enormous amount of time to figure out which one to use and then how to use it, etc. 

Then you have the question of hosting your website, using Wordpress you have a solid solution but need to DIY style keep it in shape or pay fortunes to web developers to do so. Heaven forbid something goes wrong with a plugin etc. Don't get me wrong, it's all doable, and I've been doing it for years, but it's actually not pretty. 

All of this is going to end now. Or so the promise. 

Enter New Rainmaker Platform left, powered by +Copyblogger 

I listened to their latest podcast last night where +Brian Clark outlines what New Rainmaker is (and is going to be as they develop it). And I'm blown away by the promise. Listen to the episode yourself to get all the details:

Now obviously out of the gate it's not as full blown a solution as other contenders in the market but their ambitions are pretty high. For example one of my biggest things is the whole email nurturing solution. I haven't found anything remotely as good as Hubspot's system, yet. NR (New Rainmaker) will offer this in future, for the time being they integrate with Mailchimp and Aweber. Same goes for Social Media sharing tools and a list of other items in a content marketers toolbox. 

But what intrigues me the most is the fact that this will be affordable for us small businesses. Brian mentions that their best tier will probably be priced around Hubspot's worst (around $200) and that has me sitting up. Especially since it's a fully hosted solution and has a ton of other stuff it offers. Please listen to the podcast to get it all. 

My website (and some of my clients) is built on the Genesis Framework, which is offered by Copyblogger Media, and I have Premise installed (their membership site solution). I've been with them for years and their products, coding and everything is superb. Of course Copyblogger itself is an outstanding website and now the way they've done their content library is just amazing. 

Talking of which, a content library is part and parcel of NR - that's new, nobody else does that. And here it's going to be central point. This excites me no end, I can see how this will benefit many of my clients. A content library, this is what content/inbound marketing is all about! Oh and podcasting, aka audio content management, is also part of the parcel.

I've just launched my very first own online course and I can't wait to see how NR solves these publishing problems. I spent at least 20 hours trying to put that thing together, it was not easy. NR is built around doing that sort of thing. Putting up training courses and drip content will be a breeze they promise. 


So Brian, I'm in, can't wait for my mail. I love supporting you guys, you are bootstrapped, entrepreneurs through and through and I'm looking forward to where the future may take us. 

And everyone else reading this, if you're not keen yourself just yet to get in at the beginning and helping out with building the platform, stay tuned, I can tell you now already that by the looks of it I will be closely related to NR as well as Hubspot and offer the right tool/solution for each client's situation. 

#contentmarketing   #inboundmarketing   #marketingautomationsoftware  
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Are you generation C? I am. Great look into the generation spread from a South African perspective. 
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I've been having some great results lately over on Facebook using ads. I'll share my findings in this hangout. 
Facebook is changing and evolving every day. What we did 3 years ago couldn't be further from what we can do with it today. 
Fact is, 1.2 billion people are on the platform. 
Of those a very large percentage is online daily. 
Facebook knows where these people are, what language they speak, what they like, and much more. 
And Facebook gives us marketers access to reach these people very, very cheaply.  

The free ride on Facebook is long over, but believe me, the paid ride is infinitely better anyway. I'm running FB campaigns for the past couple of weeks and the insights I'm gaining are fascinating. I'm crushing it on Facebook at the moment, for myself and my clients. 

I'd like to share some of my insights with you to show you how to get the most out of Facebook at this moment. Join this hangout, let me know in advance if you want to get in so I can invite you. 
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Been playing around with Facebook ads a lot lately. Compared to what it was the last 3 years ... oh well you can't even compare. 
The ability to reach a highly targeted audience for very little ad dollar is astounding. It's a game changer for small business. 

I'm busy with a particular case study which I will publish once the main campaign is over. It's crushing it. Record breaking stats. 

I wonder how and when Google is going to offer something along those lines via G+ too and not just via keywords. 
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I so agree, gratitude is the way to happiness. 
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I wonder when or how G+ tools like this will emerge. Or am I just not seeing them yet? Any pointers?
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